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Hannah Etienne

Hannah Etienne, Spotlight Editor

Hannah’s third year on staff is her first year as Spotlight Editor. She spends more time talking to her cats than practicing her flute as a band member. As a senior, most of her time outside of school is spent dancing, playing piano, and talking nonstop about climate change. As Miss Illinois Teen and a member of NHS, she volunteers with her favorite nonprofits over the weekends. Comfortable in front of or behind the camera, Hannah hopes to become a film director in the future.

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With finals canceled, the weeks leading up to winter break may have been especially stressful for students studying for an overwhelming number of cumulative and summative tests.

Testing overload

January 12, 2022
How heteronormativity as the default perception affects LGBTQ+ students.

The binary lens

October 1, 2021
The senior staff members of Bear Facts pose together at their last page night.

Editors to Alumni

May 28, 2021
When students arent in a physical classroom, its easy for the mind to start paying attention to anything but whats going on in class.

Stay-at-home senioritis

February 18, 2021
The mentality in this country is still the same, the laws may change but we have to remember that even my grandmother was alive during segregation [and the] Jim Crow laws, Taylor Marshall, junior, said.

America’s ongoing fight

December 14, 2020
Robert Moore, science teacher, is one of LZHSs most experienced teachers, with 25 years at LZHS.

A concoction of careers

December 1, 2020
Many students drive themselves to school, but carpooling with other students reduces harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Driving green

September 14, 2020
The Gigis Playhouse sign in the cafeteria imitates the Gigis Playhouse logo. Gigis Playhouse provides free educational development programs for individuals with Down syndrome.

Extended charity bash

January 5, 2020
Tied up in caution tape: overprotective parenting causes students to feel restricted.

Bound by distrust

December 13, 2019
A dual-flush toilet handle.  Although these types of handles can save the district money on their water bills, the costs of having them installed is also a major factor.

Gallons of money

November 3, 2019
Laura Kustra, world history teacher is seen pointing at Europe. The curriculum was Eurocentric but the school is moving towards a more inclusive curriculum, according to Kustra.

Magnifying the west

September 27, 2019
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