Bear Facts

Grace Trumbull, junior hybrid learner, plays her clarinet in band by having a hole through her mask. Trumbull says her choice to return back to school was influenced “mainly because of choir and band. Singing and playing an instrument have been a disappointment during e-learning because I have to practice by myself.”

3 students, 3 environments, 1 school

Adam Monnette, Live Media Manager
December 14, 2020
Coming to LZHS next year, the new business program will give students a real experience in entrepreneurship.

Incubator program coming soon

Jane Yu, Staff Writer
December 14, 2020
Cybercrime increased by six counts this year, according to PurpleSec statistics, which is why students need to be aware of any malicious activity they see online. “I get a lot of Instagram DMs that have random links in them,” Julia Cison, senior who was hacked on Instagram, said. “I’ll never go into them or look at them anymore because that's what I think started when I got hacked. Maybe I clicked on a link or something that someone sent me, so I just pay attention to what I do on my phone to make sure it doesn't happen again.”

Threat behind the screen

Sasha Kek, Secretary
December 14, 2020
Without formal finals this semester, teachers have more freedom in how they choose to assess their students' growth and learning.

Finals cancelled; teachers revise plans

Caroline Sun, Digital Editor-in-Chief
December 14, 2020
During a tumultuous summer, hundreds gathered at Breezewald Park to honor the memory of George Floyd and show support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Rallies like this one, honoring the movement and educating people on the importance of the movement, are only the first step towards greater equality.

We must strive to be anti-racist

Max Feldman, Magazine Editor-in-Chief
December 14, 2020
Dan Strickler, drivers education teacher, says adjusting to technology was a challenge at first, especially because he was unsure if the technology would change.

Digital Drawbacks

Ruby Lueras, LZ Life Editor
December 14, 2020
In the recent years, colleges are allowing students to choose their roommates, adding stress and excitement for the future. Callie Kleinke, senior, was searching for a roommate she could bond well with and preferred to choose her roommate rather than allowing her college to pick out her roommate.


Annette Suk, Staff Writer
May 24, 2019
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