Bear Facts

2018-2019 Staff

Caroline Sun

Co-Web Editor-in-Chief

This year, Caroline will be a sophomore for her first year on staff, and will be assuming the role of Co-Web Editor-in-Chief. In the future, she hopes to major in applied mathematics, although there's also a million other things she'd be interested in pursuing. Aside from Bear Facts, Caroline stays busy and forever exhausted with cross country, track and field, orchestra, and volunteering. When she...

Madeleine Lawler

Co-Web Editor-in-Chief

As a sophomore, this is Madeleine's first year on staff and she is taking on the role of Co-Web Editor-in-Chief. Along with working for Bear Facts, Madeleine is a member of the girls basketball team, involved in musicals and other aspects of musical theatre, and a dancer. She also plays two instruments, volunteers around the community, and loves to hike, kayak, and camp. In the future, Madeleine hopes...

Chloe Faris

Magazine Editor-in-Chief

Along with being Editor-in-Chief of the Bear Facts magazine, Chloe is involved with Yearbook, Student Leadership, Student Council, SNAP, and Interact. She is also an Integrated PE leader. In Chloe's free time she loves to spend time with her friends and family. Photo by Nick Lemperis

Parul Pari

Magazine Editor-in-Chief

As an Editor-in-Chief of the publication Bear Facts, Parul loves to stay busy. In addition to Bear Facts, she spends her time playing JV tennis, and volunteering through the National Honors Society. Parul is also a FAME leader. She hopes to travel the world through a job at the United Nations and experience life's wonders. In her free time, Parul loves to cook and try new cuisines! If you are looking...

Emma Brumage-Kilcourse

Secretary & Business Manager

As secretary and business manager, this will be Emma's third year on staff and her first year in a leadership position senior year. Emma is a film nerd, a politics junkie, and a poet who regularly performs at both late start poetry club and open mics around the area. When she isn't working on Bear Facts or college applications, Emma is writing, competing on the speech team, and hoping in vain to...

Alex Ketcham

Sports Editor

As a sophomore, this is Alex's first year on staff but second year in the journalism program. He is very excited to assume the role of Sports Editor. When not pursuing his love of writing and media, Alex will probably be seen in the theatre or on a golf course. If he is not there, then he will probably be singing or watching sports. If not there, he will probably be sleeping. Photo by Nick Lemperis

Ruby Lueras

Staff Writer

As a sophomore, this is Ruby's first year as a staff writer. Ruby is involved with track and cross country but when shes not running you can find her watching mediocre sitcoms with her family and dog. You should also know that Ruby loves camping and spending time outside despite the fact that she is slightly allergic to mosquitoes.  She aspires to become a forensic investigator due to her weird obsession...

Sreelikhi Vangavolu

Staff Writer

As a sophomore, this is Sreelikhi’s second year in the journalism program and first year as a staff writer. When Sreelikhi isn’t stressing about college, you can find her in the gym playing volleyball. She is involved with the school volleyball team and she also plays for a club outside of school. She aspires to attend the University of Pennsylvania and major in Chemistry or Mathematics. Photo...

Max Feldman

Staff Writer

As a sophomore, this is Max’s first year on staff for the Bear Facts program. He aspires to study psychiatry at Vanderbilt University and become a stereotypical college kid. He participates in the school’s scholastic bowl and tennis teams, and enjoys making short films with friends outside of school. He has also taken an interest in gardening as a former member of the Illinois Orchid Society (Max...

Marissa Drake

Staff Writer

This is Marissa's first year on staff and second year in the journalism program. As a sophomore, Marissa likes to take long walks to the fridge and spends most of her time inside of her house waiting for the apocalypse. In all seriousness, Marissa is varsity cheerleader who tends to spend more time watching Caillou or Paw Patrol than actually going out and making friends. She likes to deal memes (at...

Annette Suk

Staff Writer

As a sophomore, Annette is in her second year of journalism and her first year as a staff writer. When she isn't busy worrying about her viola skills, you can find her laughing loudly with her friends in the hallway. If she isn't there, you can also locate her slumping around the halls, hungry and stressing over every aspect of her life. She loves spending her money on movies with friends and she loves...

Ellie Melvin

Staff Writer

Ellie is a freshman jumping into high school as a new member of the Bear Facts staff. She has a fresh passion for journalism and is always looking for something new to learn. Wildlife photography and public speaking are some hobbies, as well as playing the clarinet and banjo. She spends much of her time on academics and music, but enjoys every moment she gets to spend with family and friends. Ellie's...

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