Get employed at the 2019 job fair


Photo by Photo used with permission of Jeanette Greco

Six Flags employers wait for students to approach their booth during the 2017 job fair. Six Flags is one of the returning buissnesses looking to hire students at this year’s job fair.

The annual Job Fair is an opportunity to meet with different companies, learn about the jobs, and the work environment they provide, ask questions, and possibly get a job, all without leaving the school.

Every table will have applications for students to grab if they are interested in applying. The 5th annual Job Fair will take place in the library on March 1 during lunch hours only (4th thru 7th hour).

I think it’s really beneficial to people, and I think people should go, because […] there’s so many businesses, and so many opportunities,” said Grace Ergastolo, sophomore, who got a caddying job at Twin Orchard Country Club at last year’s job fair. “So, I’d say definitely go.”

Jobs for 14-15 year olds are also available. Freshmen can get workers permits to get jobs.

“I think that freshmen would have opportunities because you can get a workers permit that a lot of them have available for you […] so that was nice for freshmen that want to get jobs,” Ergastolo said.

To get a work permit, “you first need to get a job, and then you can head over to the table, and there will be forms available and then it goes from there.Jeanette Greco, LZHS Career Site mentor, said.

But not all jobs, for example Ergastolo’s caddying job, need a permit.

“I just went up and I said I’m interested in caddying this summer, and they told me all about the amazing program they had,” Ergastolo said. “I really enjoyed working there, it was a good environment with a lot of fun people, and it was outdoors, which was always nice.”

Most of the jobs at the fair are businesses in Lake Zurich, so they are very accessible.

“I enjoyed that the jobs were in the community […] like Twin Orchards isn’t far away which was always nice,” Erstalogo said.

But there are jobs at the fair that are from other towns nearby, for example there are job opportunities for Six Flags and Medieval Times, and this year there will be 12 more businesses than previous years, according to Greco.

The businesses understand that they are hiring busy high school students and most if not all will be flexible with the hours of work.

“I am currently working at Culver’s. I went last year [freshman year] to the job fair and I found that Culver’s accepted Job permits…So I applied and got a position. The hours aren’t terrible; they are manageable,” Rosie Alvarez, sophomore, said.

So don’t forget to head down to the library on March 1 for the opportunity to meet with various of local businesses and potentially get a job!