Seniors pursue careers as rappers


Photo by and used with the permission ofAnthony Weber

Weber fosters his creativity through different mediums, including music, photography, and brand development.

Hannah Etienne, Spotlight Editor

Seniors Ethan Medina and Anthony Weber share a common goal: they aspire to have a career in the music industry, and the two friends are working together to achieve that ambition. Although they have each been writing lyrics since they were young, they only started working together sophomore year.

Although they haven’t been working together for long, joining forces has allowed them to bounce ideas off one another, learn together, and challenge each other, Weber says, “there’s always a friendly competition there.”

The songs that they write are released under the brand of Wav.y Records on YouTube, which Medina and Weber hope to build into an entertainment collective.

“Right now [Wav.y Records is] a little out of our hands,” Weber said. “It’s something a little bigger than what we can reach for. We have to build our own individual brands [and] rapping careers up, and then eventually hopefully, we’ll have the opportunities to put that into fruition.”

Weber recently released a new single, “Knollwood Views,” on Wav.y Record’s YouTube. The song is the newest addition to a group of singles Weber is calling “Welcome to the Game Pack.”

“Things have been deep in the works for a while. I’m starting to really see things come to fruition, it’s really exciting. It’s an inspiring time,” Weber said. He wants to make Wav.y Records into “an umbrella company that fosters different things for music, creativity […], obviously we need money [and] resources for that, so that’s why it’s just all about the music.”

“Absolutely,” Medina agrees, “one hundred percent music.”

However, the aspiring rappers will be parting ways after graduation, as Weber will be attending the College of Lake County for digital design, and Medina will be studying psychology at the University of Colorado Boulder. Weber says he intends to take producing classes and build a network at CLC before transferring to Boulder to continue working toward the music production dream.

“My goal is to keep working on music,” Medina said. “Right now, I’m only writing. I want to learn how to produce, how to make my own music. And then just keep releasing music, grow more as a network, make more connections, and just keep going from there.”