What’s your job?

What the LZHS administration actually does all day

Although Reagan’s job includes lots of scheduling and contract signing, he enjoys getting to make connections to his students in the classroom and on the athletic field.

Hannah Etienne, Bear Facts Contributor

Everyone is familiar with Bo Vossel, LZHS principal and Matt Aiello, dean. But what do they actually do here? And what about smaller positions, like the assistant athletic director?

“Officially, according to the state of Illinois, I am the instructional leader of the building,” Vossel said. His other responsibilities include budgeting, staffing, and operations within the building. “Essentially if it happens in the building, ultimately I am responsible for it.”

Vossel also spends a lot of time talking with staff and department chairs about curriculum, answering questions like “What do we teach in a biology class, what do we teach in a Spanish 2 class?”

His typical day starts out in the halls, watching people arrive. Then he might meet with student advisory groups or a group of teachers.

Spending time with people in the building is really important to Vossel. He said that there is “a lot of meetings, and a lot of conversation, which is something I really enjoy.”

Vossel started his career as a science teacher, teaching physics and chemistry.

“I developed an interest in how students learn and progress through a science curriculum, so how does what you learn in biology translate to chemistry, how does that translate to a physics class; how do you continue to grow?”

Vossel then became a department chair of math and science. His responsibilities grew when he then became assistant principal for curricular instruction, and now as principal, he continues planning instruction for the entire school.

Vossel enjoys making connections to the community and outside organizations, and the collaborative aspect of working with people as principal.

Another well-known member of the LZHS staff is Matt Aiello. Believe it or not, he does more than just yell at kids all day.

“My typical day is probably the least planned day of anyone in the building,” Aiello said. “It can change on the fly.”

His job covers student safety, student discipline, parking, attendance, and security.

According to Aiello, the best part about being a dean is “Really seeing students overcome, and seeing students realize their potential, and when students realize that they can achieve their own personal excellence.”

A lesser known position is the assistant athletic director. Tom Reagan teaches in the mornings, and does assistant athletic director work in the afternoon. His job description is pretty simple: “I schedule. A lot of scheduling. And in the spring season, a lot of rescheduling, with our beautiful, beautiful weather.”

LZHS has 26 sports, with 75 levels. That’s 75 different schedules that Reagan has to do.

“Sometimes that can be stressful, because I’m always doing a lot of different things,” Reagan said. “But it’s a really good job, I love it.”

LZHS didn’t have an assistant athletic director until four years ago. But as the school and the athletic program grew in size, they felt it was necessary to bring in someone else to help with all the work.

“I was formerly a basketball coach and baseball coach, so I’ve always been involved in athletics,” Reagan said. “For as long as I can remember I’ve worked pretty much every home football game, along with other events […]. I love sports, and the running of events interested me the more and more I was around it.”

Reagan was also interested in the job because “to be honest with you, with my love for technology, I thought I would be a good fit for the job and applied, and thankfully they hired me.” Now he runs multiple social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.