Bear Facts

Steen Metz, Holocaust survivor, presents his autobiography to the English I students about his experience in the Theresienstadt Concentration Camp.

Ensuring students never forget

Sasha Kek, Secretary
February 26, 2021
When students aren't in a physical classroom, it's easy for the mind to start paying attention to anything but what's going on in class.

Stay-at-home senioritis

Hannah Etienne, Staff Writer
February 18, 2021
As the waves for the vaccine continue to move forward, more and more people are feeling desperation to receive the vaccine. Jordan Addison, English teacher, is one of the lucky few who has already received the vaccine.

A vaccine at the end of the tunnel

Kaitlin Geisler, Social Media Manager
February 16, 2021
 Living in a big family requires a precise schedule to coordinate through the day. “I started at 8:00am and I taught periods one through three, and then eight and nine, so I had the middle of the day off, which was nice because I was able to eat lunch with my kids and spend some time with them,” Meghan Reynolds, English teacher and mother of three kids, said. “For my kids, my six-year-old and my seven-year-old, they started at 8:30. They were live with their teacher, sitting in front of their computer, for five to six hours a day, so similar to me; it worked out because we had the middle of the day off together, which was nice.”

Chaos, commotion, and fun

Sasha Kek, Secretary
February 8, 2021
Nicky Trufanov, senior, has many hobbies including speed-cubing, tricking, playing instruments, listening to music, and more. But, he also began to take a deeper dive into trading cryptocurrencies a few years back.

Investing for the future

Jane Yu, Staff Writer
February 5, 2021
For early graduates, the end of high school has arrived much earlier than summer. As they spend the next months gaining experience out in the real world, they are also planning for their future outside of the LZ halls.

An early adieu

Caroline Sun, Digital Editor-in-Chief
February 2, 2021
A soccer ball, ping-pong paddle, and a bag of tennis balls lay on the ground. This equipment cannot be used for PE classes due to curriculum changing to low-intensity workouts and mindfulness.

PE during a pandemic

Adam Monnette, Live Media Manager
January 12, 2021
Rose Weismann, literacy resource center aide, working at her home office. In the past few months, she says she has been

Getting it write

Caroline Sun, Digital Editor-in-Chief
January 10, 2021
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