Big dreams for a small senior


Photo by Photo by Hannah Etienne

Landon Finn is excited to go to Bradley University because “Bradley has a community and has built a reputation for itself that I found was impeccable […] I have not heard a bad thing about it.”

Hannah Etienne, Bear Facts Contributor

“Hi, best friend!” Landon Finn said as he pulled his fluffy white dog, half the size of him, onto his lap.

This “5’3 and proud” senior may be small in stature, but he’s big in personality. He’s involved in over eight clubs, including interact, political science club, drama club, and technical theater club. He loves scuba diving, skiing, and playing sports. But what really sets this three-time Student of the Month winner apart is his outgoing personality.

“I like to talk a lot,” Finn said. “I’ll go up to anybody and say hi, or tell them if I have a problem. I’m not afraid of people.”

Finn is “outgoing, personable, super nice, and […] has a good head on his shoulders,” according to Buffy Finn, Landon’s mom.

Landon has huge goals to match his huge, extroverted personality.

“My dream would be to become the president of the United States,” Finn said. “But what I want to do is […] become a lawyer, and then go into government and politics. I see so much growth for this country right now, that I think I really could make an impact with my voice.”

One thing that might hinder this Bradley University bound senior from reaching his goals is procrastination. He says he procrastinates “like [it’s] nobody’s business.”

He’s also “a little bit lazy, not good at thinking […] on his feet,” Buffy said. “And a little bit gullible.”

But Landon disagrees. “I’m not gullible!” he shouted to his mother in the other room. “Once I make a decision, I stand by that. I don’t let people sway me,” he said.

Landon’s headstrong personality is, in part, inspired by his grandpa, who overcame gallbladder cancer.

“He inspires me everyday to be someone better because I know that if he can overcome what he did, and if he can still be the great person who he is today, then I can be that same person,” Landon said.

As a result, Landon says he always sets the bar as high as possible. When he can’t reach those high standards, he says he can get really disappointed in himself “because I know I could have reached it, and I reflect on it […] And I think about the ways that I could be better.”

Sitting down with senior Kelly Kepka, Landon’s friend, it becomes clear that Landon does not always set the bar high for certain things. She said he’s “very unorganized.”

Landon’s reaction to Kepka?

“Kelly, why would you expose me like that?” After a moment of putting his head down on the table in defeat, Landon admits that he is unorganized, and he started laughing at just the thought of his closet.

Aside from his messy closet, Landon says maintaining his work ethic, along with a good reputation, mature manners, and positive attitude are important to him.

“I want people to look at me as an adult rather than just another kid,” Landon said. “I like to stand out and make sure people know my name.”

Landon is not afraid to use his voice to stand up for himself, he says, and isn’t bothered if others judge him or disagree with his viewpoints on politics.

“I know that sometimes people may judge me for what I say, and sometimes what I say isn’t always the smartest,” Landon said. “There are things I can certainly grow from and learn from, but I always try to put my best foot forward, and if people want to judge me, then that’s who they’re going to be.”