Winter, Fire, Snow: Orchesis and choir to perform combined piece


Photo by Photo used with permission of Sydney Jaffe

Members of orchesis practice their routine for Winter, Fire, Snow. According to Cora Meagher, junior orchesis member, the team has been working hard on this piece in order to showcase it at the choir concert on Wednesday.

Hannah Etienne, Bear Facts Contributor

For the first time in many years, orchesis will take to the stage alongside the choir for a performance of a piece called Winter, Fire, Snow.

The December 12 show will take place in the PAC. The fifth period Cadet choir and the sixth period Cantilena choir will be singing the song, while orchesis performs their routine. The team did a dance to the same show several years ago, so Nick Juknelis, choir director, asked Melissa Touvannas, orchesis sponsor and choir director, if they would do it again, and the verdict was yes.

However, preparing a show like this was not easy, Cora Meagher, junior orchesis member, as their performance will include extra elements that orchesis will need to be ready for.

“It’s live singers, so if they’re off the beat, we kind of have to coordinate with that and adjust,” Meagher said. “So it’s a little bit difficult in that aspect, but otherwise it’s easier choreography just because it’s slower.”

The dancers are preparing to dance to live music by rehearsing to a recording of the song, so they can practice with the choir’s version of it, according to Touvannas, who sent the president and vice president of orchesis a video of the recording and they choreographed the dance from there. After learning the dance, the team is now spending time reviewing.

“First we’re rehearsing with individual classes,” Touvannas said, “and then […] hopefully we’ll have one practice all together before the night of the show. That’s the hope. If it works out in the schedule.”

However, it is not just orchesis that will have to be practicing for the show. Choir members are also working to make the performance as best as possible, says Grace Bathery, freshman member of the Belcanto choir, as the singers must be strict in their timing so that they do not throw off the dancers. They have been practicing the songs during choir class, as well as having sectional rehearsals before and after school, and during lunch.

With all the hard work that has been going into the show, Meagher says that both choir and orchesis alike are looking forward to their big performance.

“I know for the choir people it’s a big show, so I think […] two organizations in the school combining for one of the first times that I know of […] it’s more exciting just being a part of this big event for the choir,” Meagher said.