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Last year, part of the Scholastic Journalism Week celebration was raffling off baskets. The Bear Facts staff has decided to discontinue this tradition for safety reasons, but still plans to hold a fundraiser and  create more social media content.

Altered events, steadfast values

Max Feldman, Magazine Editor-in-Chief
February 22, 2021
Final exams are supposed to be a way of checking for retained mastery of class material. Instead, they test the ability to cram and memorize information before you forget it again.

Traditional final exams need to go

Adam Monnette, Live Media Manager
January 29, 2021
During winter break, many are still debating on  whether or not to travel. However, in order to decrease the spread of the virus, it is advised that people stay home.

Please stay home for the holidays

Jane Yu, Staff Writer
December 16, 2020
During a tumultuous summer, hundreds gathered at Breezewald Park to honor the memory of George Floyd and show support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Rallies like this one, honoring the movement and educating people on the importance of the movement, are only the first step towards greater equality.

We must strive to be anti-racist

Max Feldman, Magazine Editor-in-Chief
December 14, 2020
Complaining can be a small statement once in while or a long term habit. However, when reflecting on complaints you typically make, you realize how many times you complain and how unnecessary complaining can be

A Complaining Detox… Attempted

Alex Ketcham, Sports Editor
December 2, 2020
A manager offers hand sanitizer to his employee before work. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to plague the community and the nation, one way businesses are keeping employees safe by keeping sanitizer in stock at all times.

Sorting store sanitizers

Max Feldman, Magazine Editor-in-Chief
November 19, 2020
A matcha drink from starbucks. Pretty, green, and pastel, but if you closed your eyes and gave it a taste, you'd never know it was matcha.

Match-a-do about matcha

Annette Suk, Business Manager
November 5, 2020
While there are many distractions that people have to face, I encounter three particular challenges: my family, my dogs, and my technology.

Dealing with distractions at home

Adam Monnette, Live Media Manager
October 27, 2020
Not wearing a mask is ignorant and selfish. By not wearing a mask you are more likely to spread COVID-19 to the people around you.

Wear your mask

Sreelikhi Vangavolu, Spotlight Editor
September 20, 2020
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