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Going into her junior year, this is the second year Sasha will be working on the publication. Aside from helping Bear Facts run smoothly, you can find her competing with her twin brother or preaching for everyone to join Bear Facts. 

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“We were in Puerto Rico over spring break and we got negative COVID tests to be able to go,” Asha Spetter, sophomore pictured on the far left, said. “We saw a lot of histroy and went to some really nice restaurants; the buildings all had a unique color as well.”

To travel or not

May 21, 2021
Cybercrime increased by six counts this year, according to PurpleSec statistics, which is why students need to be aware of any malicious activity they see online. “I get a lot of Instagram DMs that have random links in them,” Julia Cison, senior who was hacked on Instagram, said. “I’ll never go into them or look at them anymore because that's what I think started when I got hacked. Maybe I clicked on a link or something that someone sent me, so I just pay attention to what I do on my phone to make sure it doesn't happen again.”

Threat behind the screen

December 14, 2020
About half of the student population is voicing their concern about a changing the school schedule to make Zoom meetings longer and passing periods shorter. “It's just going to be more time spent on technology, which is never good,” Sydney Fessenden, junior who started a petition to the new schedule, said. “I feel like the schools praised a lot of, 'get outdoors, try not to be on technology,' but this extra time, I feel like it's a little bit contradictory, but I know they're just looking out for our best interest. People are going to feel like they're on their iPad, literally their eyes glued to the screen, all day.”

971 and counting

December 6, 2020
Twitter has gained popularity among teenagers with 32% of US teens active on the app looking to stay up-to-date with current information. “The ability to be able to talk to other people because humans are naturally social, and the ability to literally just have the whole world in your pocket is what gives social media the impact it has,” Rudy Tabachnik, right-leaning junior, said. “Twitter is just the front runner. You also have all of your celebrities on Twitter, you have a lot of politicians on Twitter, you have all the pundits on Twitter, you have even crappy meme accounts on Twitter; everything's on Twitter and that's just how it works.

Tweeting left and right

September 25, 2020
333,768 students world-wide could not submit their exams according to College Board data. Of the 1,302 exams that LZHS students took, about 36 could not be submitted due to technical issues.

The unlucky 2%

August 26, 2020
The gymnastics team poses with their trophy at State.

Beaming with pride

March 4, 2020
Lachezar Todorov, sophomore student who is planning on attending a prestigious college, searches up the application process for John Hopkins University. “[Prestigious colleges are] very expensive but they have extremely qualified people, and their programs are proven from the years over of countless students,” Todorov said. “If you got a diploma from there, everyone's going to want you, right? Prestigious colleges, it says in the name: prestige.”

Worth the hype?

March 3, 2020
Timothy Beranek, math teacher, checks the fantasy football statistics during a free period.

Tackling the trend

January 20, 2020
The Orchesis team poses for a photo during a rehearsal. “[Orchesis is] a place where you can put yourself and your dancing out there, and not have other people get into your feelings,” Emily Rosenfeld, senior and Orchesis president, said. “I wish more people would dance so they could experience this type of creativity and this outlet.”

“B-Team Poms”

November 10, 2019
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