New members to be inducted into NHS


Photo by Photo used with permission of Beth Slaughter.

Students are initiated into NHS at the induction in March 2017. For the 2019-2020 induction, 92 students will be on stage for the ceremony, ready to be inducted into NHS.

Sasha Kek and Alexandra Rauchfuss

NHS will be initiating new members tonight at the NHS induction, a ceremony for select students that meet the academic criteria needed and are eligible to be part of NHS.

The induction is a way for incoming members to “feel integrated into what NHS is, understand what it is [NHS] stands for, and understand what it means to be part of the community of the National Honors Society,” Nathan Kim, senior and NHS secretary, said.

Kim was inducted into NHS last year when membership was expanded to juniors. This change helped to integrate juniors and seniors into one club, where both grade levels work to create new events to benefit the school, Kim says.

“It was the first time for everyone because it was twice as many students on the stage, twice as many names to read, but it did [not] really matter what grade you were,” Kim said. “Everyone was there together, the Lake Zurich scholars who are committed to volunteering for the school. It felt like [all the new members] were being welcomed into a community.”

The event will take place in the PAC from 7:00pm to 8:00pm. NHS officers will give a welcoming speech “explaining what NHS is and what it means to be part of NHS,” according to Kim. To officially become part of NHS, the incoming members will sign a document “stating that they will uphold the value of NHS, and then we [will] all be one NHS family.”

As a tradition, incoming members will also sign a lejar book that has been signed by previous NHS members as a way to make themselves part of the school’s history according to Carl Krause, club sponsor.

As one of the 5% of students who meet the academic criteria to be in NHS, Nina Guarisco, sophomore, says “it is nice to formally recognize [students] that have worked really hard to achieve good grades.” Guarisco sees getting accepted into NHS is a big accomplishment.

“I think it will be a great club to be involved in and I am also kind of excited because for the service hours, part of it is you have to do tutoring,” Guarisco said. “I think it is really great for people who are high performing students to help other kids that need help with their homework or studying for a test. I think it [is] great that we will be able to help other students.”