Softball team headed to ISU for spring break

Softball girls are benefiting from their recent fundraising efforts during their spring break trip to Illinois State University on Tuesday.

“We play about four games and do lots of team bonding activities over the course of four days,’ Amanda Guercio, junior softball player, said. “[I sold the coupon books] to raise as much money as I can to support the softball program at LZHS because if we sell lots of cards we can afford to buy new equipment, uniforms and other team expenses like our spring break trip.”

All 13 of the varsity players will be going to ISU on Tuesday along with some parents and the team manager.

When we get there, we are all going to get together and write team goals for the season,” Sarah Schnecker, junior softball player, said. “On Wednesday we have two games in the morning, then we’re going to watch the ISU softball team play, and then we are going out for a team dinner. On Thursday, we are doing a scavenger hunt in the morning and after we have another two games. Then I think we are going out to eat again. And Friday we’re leaving in the morning.”

Normally the team goes to Tennessee, but due to spring break being a week later than previous years, the team decided to attend ISU.  According to Schnecker, this trip is a good way to bond as a team and they get more experience playing together before their conference.

“The money is for the whole team and it really helps us out [with expenses],” Schnecker said. “This year we got a new pitching machine that we desperately needed and it can actually throw change ups [type of pitch similar to a fast ball pitch]. Next year we plan on getting new uniforms.”

Schnecker set a goal for herself to sell at least 40 coupon books, whereas normally each player might sell between 10 and 20 coupon books. If a player sold a certain amount of coupon books, they could be awarded  prizes ranging from a free Chipotle burrito to a $100 gift card to a store of choice.

“I think it is a great fundraiser,” Schnecker said. “It not only helps us raise money for our team, but it also lets us connect with our community better because they feel good helping our school.”