Bear Facts

Tiffany Pham, senior, says poses with friends in hybrid school. Pham says the year has been chaotic, but that hybrid learning has restored a semblance of normality.

Looking back at the year that changed it all

Max Feldman, Magazine Editor-in-Chief
March 12, 2021
A student sits in a classroom that is led by a teacher. Although teachers are the ones who educate the youth, students often offer valuable learning experiences and new perspectives for teachers.

Role Reversal

Ruby Lueras, LZ Life Editor
March 8, 2021
A teacher's basic to-do list for the day, While teachers have their lists of things they need to accomplish for the day, they also have a lesson plan that has changed many times throughout the course of the summer.

Teachers flip learning to suit students

Adam Monnette, Live Media Manager
September 16, 2020
The Harlem wizards are dropping by LZ! This year, rather than the annual color run, District 95 decided to switch things up with a basketball game between the Wizards and the LZ staff.

Dribbling for the district

Max Feldman, Business Manager & Spotlight Editor
October 20, 2019
Pop passion: teachers and their soda symbiosis

Pop passion: teachers and their soda symbiosis

Elinor Melvin, Business Manager & LZ Life Editor
October 17, 2019
Jordan Addison, new English teacher, stands with his students in Alaska. His students wear their school spirit in form of t-shirts and hoodies as he supports the team.

Aloha Hawaii, aloha Illinois

Kaitlin Geisler, Social Media Manager
August 20, 2019
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