Catering clothes to career

How to keep stylish but comfortable


Photo by Kara Yoon

Sadie Luzbetak, sophomore, shows off one of her outfits mixing comfy with her personal style.

Kara Yoon, Staff Writer

Walking the line between being presentable and feeling comfortable can difficult to balance.  To find the medium, teachers and students pick their outfits to be stylish and snug.

“I think you can be comfortable and still look professional,” Lisa Loeb, French teacher, said. “If someone comes in and is teaching in sweatpants I think that might not only affect a teacher’s mindset but also the view of the students.  You want the students to see you as someone that takes their job seriously, you want the students to respect you.”

Over the years, Loeb says she has found a way to dress so that she not only looks good, but feels good too.  Switching from heels to flats, and wearing jeans is just part of how her wardrobe has adapted.

“A lot of times if I know it’s going to be a busy day I want to make sure I’m comfortable, but at the same time, I want to make sure I look nice, presentable, and professional.  If I don’t feel like that then I don’t feel like the day starts off well overall,” Loeb said.

It’s not only teachers who need multi-functional closets, Sadie Luzbetak, sophomore, also says that when she chooses her clothes she looks at practicality along with presentation.

“I personally get very cold during the day so if I don’t wear enough layers then it gets pretty miserable,” Luzbetak said. “I want to be comfortable during a long period of time.”

Luzbetak’s key to finding the equal ground between relaxation and style is to mix in more casual pieces of clothing with her more fashion focused pieces to get an outfit that feels as good as it looks.

“I don’t really care about what other people wear that much and I don’t see someone wearing something comfortable or casual as a bad thing but I prefer not to just wear sweatpants or leggings and a hoodie because I feel like that’s not very representative of my style,” Luzbetak said.  “If I want to be comfortable but look nice, I’ll mix them up like wearing leggings with a nicer top and a jacket, or a sweatshirt with nice pants or jeans.”

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Dana Fleming, sophomore, says she is willing to sacrifice comfort if she wants to look good.

“I typically just for style every day more than comfort because if I really like my outfit I just have a better day,” Fleming said.  “I don’t think any less of people if they dress casually though.  I think that in the case of teachers they should be allowed to dress comfortably because students are allowed to and they have a hard job so it should be allowed.”

While both teacher and students seem to agree that looking professional should be a factor of school day attire, they also agree that people should have the option to dress how they feel comfortable.

“If someone wants to dress casually they should be able to,” Luzbetak said.  “But I do think it’s possible, and that the goal ultimately is, to have comfortable clothing that looks nice.”