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Bear Facts

Lake Zurich High School Student Media

Bear Facts

Lake Zurich High School Student Media

Bear Facts

Steuer enjoys playing sports and exercising as part of her self-care. She plays volleyball and soccer to keep herself both physically and mentally strong.

Students struggle with stress

Emma Harper, Staff writer
May 20, 2022
Singing musics praises

Singing music’s praises

Sashrika Shyam, Staff Writer
March 21, 2022
According to statistics, 52% of Americans are fully vaccinated. Yet the vaccine does not guarantee immunity from COVID, and there are increasing numbers of breakthrough cases that resulted in hospitalization or death; if the vaccine is not 100 percent effective to prevent people from contracting the virus, why should anyone be forced to take it?

My health, my choice

Sasha Kek, LZ Life Editor
August 25, 2021
“I think people can use masks like they do clothing. [They] can express their fashion sense with patterns and different colors, and even add fun designs to them,” Pratt said.

A new fashion (mask) trend

Sophia Babcock, Staff Writer
November 11, 2020
Clearing the air

Clearing the air

Elinor Melvin, Business Manager & LZ Life Editor
December 13, 2019
Vicki Agrella, sophomore, writes a reminder on her hand after school. Agrella says the rumors she hears about ink damaging her health never give her pause.

Just an inkling

Elinor Melvin, LZ Life Editor & Business Manager
November 20, 2019
Andrew Koppel, transition student, posts a Stall Street Journal above the hand dryers. The students usually post the stall streets near the sinks as well as the stalls to promote good hygiene.

The story behind the stalls

Max Feldman, Co-Business Manager
April 3, 2019
Nicholas Lemperis, senior, pricks his finger to check his blood sugar levels. Lemperis was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in the first couple weeks of entering high school.

Beyond the type

Chloe Faris, Magazine Editor-in-Chief
January 21, 2019
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