Love is in the air

Club fundraisers provide Valentine’s gift ideas


Photo by and used with permission of Katie Zigic

Katie Zigic, sophomore, sells Cupidgrams for Student Council in the cafeteria.

Valentine’s Day is coming up and no matter if your Valentine is a friend, or a date, you might want to do something special for them. If you are looking for a gift to give your friends or a partner, many clubs are selling different Valentine’s Day gifts this week. From February 7 to February 11 Student Council, French Club, and REACT Club will be selling their products in the cafeteria during lunch periods.


Club fundraisers


You can give your Valentine a sweet treat this year with Student Council’s Fannie May chocolates. Leave a note and buy some chocolate for your friend or partner. They cost $3 per chocolate bar and come in a variety of flavors including milk chocolate, caramel, crisp rice, almond, peanut butter, and dark chocolate.

Look out for “Cupid’s” in classrooms on the 14th as winged student council members will be delivering the Cupidgrams during classes.

Roses and Carnations

Let your date know you rose to the occasion with a classic rose or carnation. French Club is selling them for $3 a flower or $5 for two. They’ll be delivered during first period on Valentine’s Day.

Include a note and with your romantic (or platonic) gift or leave it anonymous and let your crush know you are thinking of them. Either way you can’t go wrong with flowers on Valentine’s Day.


To help you “succ”seed in all your romantic aspirations REACT Club is selling succulents for a non-traditional gift this Valentine’s Day. Treat yourself, your friends, or a special someone to a cute plant. They’re $5 and will be sold in the cafeteria during all lunch periods from  February 11 to February 14.

Succulents are a lasting gift and aren’t hard to take care of so even the worst gardeners should be able to keep theirs alive. Give it to someone to tell them “aloe” you “vera” much.


Date ideas

Here are some date ideas to show the people you love how important they are to you.


What is more classic than a movie date? You could stay home and stream a classic rom-com like Crazy, Stupid, Love, Valentine’s Day, or My Best Friends Wedding. With theaters open again you could even go to the movies and see Marry Me, a new romance coming out on February 11.

If rom-coms really are not your thing you could see the more action packed Death on the Nile, Spider-Man: No Way Home, or the animated musical Sing 2 which will all be in theaters on Valentine’s Day and the weekend before.


If you are looking for something creative to do check out an art studio like the one in South Barrington where you can paint something heart-themed alongside an instructor. Pinot’s Palette costs about $25-35 per person depending on the day you go and the complexity of the painting you choose.

Get creative at home with your own art supplies and personal art challenges if you don’t want to go anywhere or are looking for a cheaper idea. Challenge each other with a specific prompt or maybe switch artworks halfway through to make a more collaborative art experience.

Ice skating

Skate your heart out with a more active ice skating date. The Glacier Ice Arena in Vernon Hills has public skate open on Valentine’s Day and the weekend before. The public skate costs $9 and you can rent skates for $3.

There is also an outdoor ice rink at Millenium Park in Chicago which will be open on Valentine’s Day and the weekend before. Monday-Thursday it costs $13 and Friday-Sunday it is $15. Reservations are required and there are learn to skate options available.