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Starring in senior year

Senior’s journey through the spotlight

In the age of film and television, some people may think of theater on stage as a slowly dying medium. Students like Matt Angelaccio, senior, however, are proving that there is still a lively future for the art of live theater.

Angelaccio is a talented performer, having performed in 25 shows since he began preforming and starred in several of them. He has been performing since 6th grade which is when he discovered his passion for theater.

“I started theater in sixth grade. I’ve been singing forever and music was a big part of my life. Then I just decided to give [theater] a go and I love it,” Angelaccio said.

Currently he is the LZHS drama club president and the treasurer for the ASL club. He had always dreamt of being the president from his first drama club meeting as a freshman. With being treasurer of the American Sign Language club, he manages the clubs finances, sets up fundraisers, and brings ASL interpreters to shows so all can enjoy live musical theater. Angelaccio’s goal is to make his passion for theater something that everyone can share with him. Claire Denton, senior and a friend of Angelaccio believes that he brings joy and life to the department, adding to the familial feeling already present.

“I think that he is able to use his knowledge and talent to be a leader and a role model for others. I think he is a good representation of the positive energy that drama club provides for the school, and I think he’s just a good embodiment of the arts,” Denton said.

Angelaccio and Denton have been friends for years, having met in 6th grade through theater and mutual friends. The pair became fast friends, spending lots of time together, and making a connection outside of their mutual interest in theater. They both hope to stay friends in college.

“I think that we understand one another because of growing up together and going through like really influential years of our life together. I think that outside of the arts, we have a really strong friendship, and we can connect on a completely non creative level,” Denton said.

Denton describes Angelaccio as an eccentric and outgoing person. She highlighted his kind personality and how he draws people in with his wit and charm, as well as his hardworking and ambitious personality. These traits, according to Denton, will help him excel in professional theater and his future adult life.

“He is always willing to do whatever he can and is always doing his best. He’s willing to dedicate as much time as the show needs, to what his peers need or what drama club or whoever is asking of him,” Denton said.

Angelaccio has been auditioning for college theater programs throughout his senior year, hoping to make the cut for musical theater programs with low acceptance rates, usually around 11%, according to college transitions. The process is long and difficult, but Angelaccio perseveres, wanting to pursue his love for theater outside of high school.

“The goal is just to work professionally as an actor in musical theater ideally, or whatever else comes my way to Broadway is always the goal, but really just working and doing what I love,” Angelaccio said.

Denton believes he will excel in professional theater. She sees as a positive role model to everyone around him and believes these positive traits will get him far in theater.

“He’s very talented,” Denton said. “I think that he is always very engaged and giving 100% into his performance[…]. It creates an infectious energy for the people performing with him.”

Angelacccio claims that being so involved in theater changed his outlook and has made him a more accepting and friendly person. Ever since he took on leadership positions in his extra curricular activities, he has made it his personal mission to make sure everyone feels welcome and feels that they are a part of the theater community.

“Accepting what people are doing and who they are unconditionally is really important,” Angelaccio said. “ I think that competition is so fierce and theater that being around for so long, has kind of just taught me to let go. It’s not all about competition and it’s all about the communal goal of putting on a show and then that extends to life and just working with people.”

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