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Zach of all trades

Student discusses his pursuit of many passions

It is natural for one’s childhood dreams to vary greatly; many young kids may want to be a firefighter, a doctor, a teacher, and a scientist all at once. However, not all children hold onto their multifaceted goals as they grow up.

As a child, Zach Fewkes, senior, found passion in acting and pursued it. Throughout elementary and middle school, Fewkes was featured in many big shows, such as Chicago Med, as well as on stage shows. However, he found his passion in baseball as well. And later in life, he found it in other places, including— but not limited to— business, law, history, and politics. A businessman wears many hats, and Fewkes is certainly not an exception.

Zach Fewkes, senior, poses for a photo. Fewkes plans to pursue business, acting, and baseball post-secondary. (Photo by and used with the permission of Zach Fewkes)

“I wanted to be, you know, Leonardo DiCaprio [on the screen]. And then I also wanted to be Mike Trout on the baseball field,” Fewkes said. “You know, I still have a lot of dreams. And I think I can still pursue that past high school.”

While he plans to pursue many paths post secondary, one of the most prominent ones, according to Fewkes, is business.

“I love business, I love it so much,” Fewkes said. “I absolutely love dealing with people, I absolutely love the financial aspects of business and everything. And I think it’s a great way to use skills from all over the place, whether that’s competing on a team, or being a part of a creative group trying to present something. It all adds up.”

Fewkes has been running his lawn care business, Fewkes Industries, for four to five years now, though he had the inkling for the idea back in fourth grade.

“I used to have just a sheet of paper [and I’d] go to my room and just draw crazy ideas. I used to draw roller coasters. Like the biggest and the best roller coasters in the history of the world, that [seemed] almost impossible, but I think I could have done it. Maybe [I’ll] still do it,” Fewkes said. “I’ve always loved creative entrepreneurial ideas.”

According to Fewkes, his business is “the first step” to a future full of promise and opportunity. He plans to lead with his “optimistic” and “charismatic” personality and see where it leads him.

However, business is far from the only passion he’ll be pursuing; he will be continuing his work in the acting industry as well.

“[When you are acting], you have a character, but you want to make it your own. You want to [put] your own spin on it. But I think the fun part is getting to see the audience,” Fewkes said. “That’s the best part, it’s my favorite thing, the audience and seeing their reaction, and making them laugh, telling the story that impacts people.”

During his time as a child actor, Fewkes felt connected to the environment and the people immediately, and created many treasured memories and relationships that fostered his love for the industry, which he still holds today.

“It was so cool to meet all those people [and] to see the behind the scenes of a show. […] It was great to learn from these guys and to be a part of a team with them,” Fewkes said.

His experience in various fields, Fewkes said, will help him in every part of his future. Currently, Fewkes is committed to the University of South Carolina as an Economics major, but his plans extend far beyond his college years. Still balancing his array of passions, from acting, to baseball, to business, Fewkes is looking forward to all that the future holds for him.

“I’m still acting. I’m still gonna do baseball, and Fewkes Industries is going to push on,” Fewkes said. “I’m going to use all the skills that [I’ve gained] from everything and I’m going to make [it] happen.”

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