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Bear Facts

Part of groupthink is the need for “connections and bonding, and just really feeling secure,” Katie Murtaugh, school social worker, said, which she says are main components teenagers want in high school. “When you enter high school as a teenager, you want to feel connected. You want to have somebody to sit with at lunch, to have connections, whether its in the classroom or extracurricular activities,” Murtaugh said. “[Groupthink] could be both positive and negative. Thinking about the theory of attachment, its that bond with other people that is essential. Most of us grew up with a consistent parent or two, and those were our first relationships that started things off for us as human beings. If someone were to lack that connection, there could be negative consequences later.”

Thinking without thoughts

Sasha Kek, LZ Life Editor
May 20, 2022
BeReal is taking the world by storm.

BeReal: new and improved social media

Tessa Fabsik, Bear Facts Contributor
May 18, 2022
Students are using and being attached to their phones and technology more than ever before. How much should we be allowed to use?

Secret addiction

Parker Carley, Sports Editor
January 19, 2022

Social studies

Kyra Keena, Live Media Manager
October 5, 2021
Cybercrime increased by six counts this year, according to PurpleSec statistics, which is why students need to be aware of any malicious activity they see online. “I get a lot of Instagram DMs that have random links in them,” Julia Cison, senior who was hacked on Instagram, said. “I’ll never go into them or look at them anymore because thats what I think started when I got hacked. Maybe I clicked on a link or something that someone sent me, so I just pay attention to what I do on my phone to make sure it doesnt happen again.”

Threat behind the screen

Sasha Kek, Secretary
December 14, 2020
Students are preparing to vote both by mail and in person. As the election nears, some students say they plan to vote to represent their generation’s interests, while others are choosing to opt out.

Of votes and voices

Max Feldman, Magazine Editor-in-Chief
October 30, 2020
Twitter has gained popularity among teenagers with 32% of US teens active on the app looking to stay up-to-date with current information. “The ability to be able to talk to other people because humans are naturally social, and the ability to literally just have the whole world in your pocket is what gives social media the impact it has,” Rudy Tabachnik, right-leaning junior, said. “Twitter is just the front runner. You also have all of your celebrities on Twitter, you have a lot of politicians on Twitter, you have all the pundits on Twitter, you have even crappy meme accounts on Twitter; everythings on Twitter and thats just how it works.

Tweeting left and right

Sasha Kek, Secretary
September 25, 2020
Clearing the air

Clearing the air

Elinor Melvin, Business Manager & LZ Life Editor
December 13, 2019
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