National Honor Society to undergo change regarding participation, time commitment


Photo by Photo used with permission of Beth Slaughter

National Honors Society will undergo a change allowing juniors and seniors to join. the change will take effect before the 2018-2019 school year

Alex Ketcham, Bear Facts Contributor

National Honor Society (NHS) will undergo a change regarding their membership numbers and time commitment towards the club.

Taking effect in the 2018-2019 school year, NHS will consist of both juniors and seniors where students will be involved both junior and senior year. The change will make student’s time in the club more meaningful by expanding the amount of time allowed for members to do the service hours necessary.

“We like the idea of a longer commitment, we like the idea of spreading out the hours, we like the idea of having more kids involved,” Carl Krause, club sponsor, said. “We just like that it’s a little bit more of a commitment and more meaningful by spending more than just one year doing it.”

In order to make the service more meaningful, students will be volunteering and tutoring both junior and senior year to be eligible for induction during March of student’s senior year, according to Krause.

“I think spreading that out over two years makes it so people do more meaningful service and have better opportunities to serve that they like, rather than doing whatever,” Nathan Holbrook, senior and secretary of NHS, said.

With the addition of another grade level into the club, the number of students involved and invited for the 2018-2019 school year will double, according to Krause. The seniors in the club will also be paired up with the juniors in the club and act as mentors throughout the year.

“I think it makes sense to include both juniors and seniors because a lot of schools in the area do that and it gives more opportunities to serve,”  Holbrook said.

The requirements to be invited to NHS will not change, however, according to Krause. Students will still need to be involved in at least one activity and have a 4.00 weighted GPA.

“Those are kind of the things that haven’t changed, we’re just going to spread out the amount of time it takes to do [the hours],” Krause said.

The service and tutoring hours will remain the same from the 2017-2018 school year, as they were just recently reduced by 10 hours from the 2016-2017 school year, according to Krause, and it will hopefully be a positive thing to have more time.

“We didn’t want to make it that it was a hindrance to try to be in NHS and still be involved,” according to Krause. “We wanted [students] to still be able to do everything they wanted to do without making it too much of a burden.”