Political Science Club gives students a place for students to safely share their opinions


Meghan Warner, Staff Writer

The Political Science Club, formerly known as Law Club, not only provides free donuts but a place where students can have safe place to express their opinion too.  

According Megan Bajor, English teacher and club sponsor, the club meets twice every month throughout the whole school year, on every first and third Wednesday, the club will meet in Bajor’s classroom, D218.  The next meeting is on November 1.  

“During the club’s meetings they actually debate current issues.  It’s not debate club though because it’s based on your personal beliefs and not evidence.  The members talk about current events, certain rulings from cases, or basically anything that’s current and is very topical,” Bajor says.

Bajor and the club leaders also work on ways to make sure every meeting is run smoothly and efficiently.  

“When you enter the room, the officers will introduce the topic and will divide the room into two sides, based on personal beliefs, so you choose which side you want to be on based on the topic.  Then we open it up for debate, and there are obviously no right or wrong answers.  There will be differences of opinion, but no one should have to feel uncomfortable.  Some of the topics that have come up are the immigration laws, the abortion issue, the rights of transgenders, and all of the other grey areas in life,” Bajor states.  

According to Bajor, there were reasons behind the renaming of Law Club to Political Science Club.

“The reason we changed the name is because Law Club dealt with laws and debates as far as current events and policies and had everything to do with laws we have.  The leaders and I thought that Political Science Club would be a more accurate name since we wanted to discuss current policies and issues, and not just have it seem like the idea of courtrooms,” Bajor said.

According to Bajor, the club has a turn out when it comes to attendance.

“There have been some days where it has been standing room only, but I would say on average there are between 25 and 30 members at each meeting.  We have our regulars and we have those who just drop-in, but both are welcome at every meeting.  There are sometimes when the attendance drops off a bit due to finals and sports, but for the most part it’s a great attendance,” Bajor said.  “I am very excited for what this year has to bring, I can’t wait to see how the debates will go.”