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A variety of combinations: find the ideal salad at Sweetgreen

Photo by Sashrika Shyam
This past summer, Sweetgreen opened its doors in their new location in Deer Park. Sweetgreen is known for their varieties of delicious salads.

Whether it is the eight different bases, the wide variety of dressings, or the plethora of toppings, there is no denying that Sweetgreen has many options for almost everyone. This past summer, Sweetgreen opened a store in Deer Park, providing those in Lake Zurich with a new restaurant. 

The opportunity to build your own bowl or customize one of the many existing signature bowls truly guarantees that anyone can find something that suits their preferences. After a few months of trying different combinations, I have found my favorite lunch item at Sweetgreen. 

Starting with a base of spring mix, followed by roasted tofu, spicy broccoli, red cabbage, carrots, chickpeas, and finally with two portions of the spicy cashew dressing, my salad order has quickly become one of my favorite meals.

While I have a very specific order that I get every time, the abundance of options allows me to switch up my order to fit whatever I may be craving. I have also tried a romaine base with similar toppings, the seasonal sesame teriyaki dressing, and the miso sesame ginger dressing. Regardless of what my order has been, I have always enjoyed my meals at Sweetgreen.

In addition to the variety of toppings providing many options to suit different tastes, it also makes it easier for people with dietary restrictions to eat comfortably. 

My food allergies to dairy, eggs, meat, and seafood limit my options in restaurants greatly. It has always been a struggle to find “safe” restaurants, and I am left to eat at the same two places every time I want to eat out. With the addition of Sweetgreen to Lake Zurich, I have quickly found another go-to restaurant option. 

The ability to customize bowls completely allows me to remove any dairy products that may be any bowls. I have also found a full allergen menu on the Sweetgreen website that details the top nine allergens in each dressing, with a vegan designation on certain items as well. Knowing exactly what is in my meal makes me much more comfortable and confident that I will not have an allergic reaction.

More than anything, the staff at Sweetgreen has been very accommodating. I have gone there so often that some of the workers recognize me as soon as I walk in and immediately change their gloves to avoid cross-contamination. Even if they do not know me, they are always happy to change their gloves and be extra careful when they grab toppings to add to my salad. 

Sweetgreen’s variety of options for bases, toppings, and dressings makes eating there very easy and delicious for anyone. The accommodating staff and the location ensure that I will be enjoying my favorite salad there at least once a week.

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About the Contributor
Sashrika Shyam
Sashrika Shyam, LZ Life Editor
During her third and final year on the Bear Facts staff, Sashrika is looking forward to assuming her role as LZ Life Editor and Social Media Manager. When she is not stressing out over her college applications, you can find Sashrika spending as much time with her friends, her family, and her dog as possible. She can always be found with a book, listening to music, or rewatching Gilmore Girls for the millionth time. Outside of school and her hobbies, you will find Sashrika working to spread awareness of food allergies. She aspires to major in medical sciences, hoping to become a pediatric allergist. 

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