Bear Facts

Colin Smith, sophomore, holds a picture of his father from his deployment. (Photo illustration by Sasha Kek)

More than just a holiday

Sophia Babcock, Magazine Editor in Chief
November 11, 2021
Every person has their own opinion regarding America, as well as what it means to be patriotic. “I grew up being taught about the privileges we have as Americans and how there are many communist countries out there where freedoms are limited, especially speech,” Grace Trumbull, a self-described proud American, said. “I guess I’ve always held onto that perspective and not let social media distract from America’s solid foundation, but I certainly think those who don’t realize this as much have let social media and the criticism of America get to them and change their whole perspective.”

Give me liberty or give me posts

Sasha Kek, LZ Life Editor
October 5, 2021

Stand up, honor the U.S.

genna danial, bear facts staff
May 28, 2014
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