No time off

Zoya Hasan, Staff Writer

Girls Track and Field, Gymnastics, and Girls Basketball all work together in the off-season to achieve one common goal; succeeding during the season.

Jeremy Kauffman, Girls Track and Field Coach works with Christopher Bennett, Head Girls Basketball Coach to supervise the new, LZ Speed Club. The club works during the fall to improve speed, agility, and strength, according to Kauffman.

The girls work together to complete workouts similar to track, “[the girls] have been doing our hurdle mobility, and our wickets and they have improved like crazy in their speed and agility,” Kauffman said.

The club not only offers training in the offseason but is an opportunity to make friends from other sports.

“It’s been a ton of fun getting to know the basketball girls,” Kauffman said, “we’ve seen kids make new friends, and now we’re like ‘let’s go to the games, let’s go cheer them on!’ so that piece has brought the school together a little bit more together.”

Jenny Shodunke, sophomore, believes that LZ Speed has been beneficial for her as a track athlete.

LZ speed was really helpful for me weightlifting was really beneficial to strengthen the muscle groups that we needed to run faster, but we also had workout days to improve our agility,” Shodunke said.

Noah DeLuga, senior baseball player trains in the off-season.

Q: What do you enjoy about off-season training?

A: I enjoy working out with my friends and teammates and seeing everyone get better, and then eventually facing off against them during the season. I [also] enjoy [training because] it’s not fun while you’re [training] but the feeling afterwards and eventually seeing the results in the coming season is the best part. 

Q: Why do you train in the winter? 

A: I train in the winter for baseball so that I am in the best possible shape to perform the best I can in the upcoming season.Success motivates me to continue to work hard because I can visually see all the hard work paying off from previous off seasons 

Q: How has your training in the off-season been impactful towards your baseball season? 

A: My off-season training, especially for a baseball player allows me to strengthen my arms and those smaller muscles  that are able to help me perform to the best of my abilities. [Also] offseason training definitely helps my perform better in season because I am in better physical shape.