Bear Facts

Girls on the cross country team are assigned their own squares that they must stay in when  not running in order to effectively stay six feet apart from each other. According to Jeremy Kauffman, Head Girls Cross Country Coach, these regulations are important as they allow the girls to have a season at all.

Competitors v. COVID-19

September 1, 2020

Nicole Albright, junior, dances at the 2019 homecoming assembly. She says she has developed a bond with her Poms team through dance.

A Head Start

March 13, 2020

Sports Recap: February 3-16

Sports Recap: February 3-16

February 18, 2020

Timothy Beranek, math teacher, checks the fantasy football statistics during a free period.

Tackling the trend

January 20, 2020

Sibigtroth breaks bricks while testing for a belt. Testing is required in order to advance.

Not just for kicks

December 13, 2019

DeLuga trains in the off-season by conditioning, weightlifting, and doing core work. He believes his training has been beneficial for his success in baseball.

No time off

December 13, 2019

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