February Charity Bash Recap

In the month of February, there were three main events taking place: International Club Trivia Night, Tri-M Music Honor Society Bingo Night, and Interact Badminton Tournament. The Charity Bash fundraising event is being held all year this year and each club is in charge of putting on an event every month to help fundraise for the charity.

International Club Trivia Night: 

The International Club held a Trivia Night on Friday February 21st after school in Studio C. Teams of 4 entered to win gift card prizes up to 40 dollars. There was a 20 dollar participation fee per team and the club offered complementary root beer floats and chips. 

“We have two different rounds, one round is a white board round and teams answer questions in different categories like art, literature, science, entertainment, math, etc. The teams get points for every correct answer and the team with the most points will win,” Rachael Lee, junior, said. 

The event is formatted for everyone to have a chance at answering some questions and getting them right. According to Lee, you do not need to be a “trivia god” to succeed at the event.

“Everyone had a lot of fun and I got a lot of great comments about it later. I think even if someone didn’t get first place, they played and still had fun. It was competitive, but you don’t have to be amazing at trivia to play this. I put the context of the questions and the categories, and when you have your team, you can figure out the answers. Even though you don’t think you know trivia very well, I can guarantee that everyone had questions that they actually can get,” Lee said.

Luke Jalove, senior, carried his team as they won the competition. For Jalove, a trivia lover, the “brisk pace and varied range of questions” made the event extremely enjoyable. 

“I really liked the questions that sounded obscure that I knew because I got to hear Ronit from the other team go… well I can’t exactly say what he said but he seemed angry that I knew this random fact,” Jalove said. “I wish there was a Bruce Springstein question because that is the topic that I like that wasn’t covered. Other than that I liked the Shakespere [questions] and they asked a Beatles question too so I’d say there was a very good spread.”

Due to the success of the event, the International club will be putting on this event next year as well. 

“We have already confirmed we are going to do it next year because it was a very big success,” Lee said. “ It was competitive for sure but it was not too serious and a lot of fun. 

Tri-M Music Honor Society Bingo Night:

The Tri M Bingo night was held on February 20. The event had a $1 entry fee and was held from 7-9pm. 

“I feel like the event was unsuccessful based on turn out because there were not that many people who came that were not in Tri-M,” Sydney Koch, sophomore, said.

Although the attendance may have been a bit low, the Koch still had a good time playing Bingo as they raised money for a good cause.

“I enjoyed playing bingo with friends knowing the profits were going to charity but I feel like for next year we need to advertise the event more and encourage people who are not in Tri-M to come,” Koch said. “ I think this event will be continued because although most people who showed up were in Tri-M, a lot of bingo cards were sold which profited the charity of this year.”

Interact Badminton Tournament:

The Interact Badminton Tournament was held on February 4 at 6 pm in the main gym. The competition was comprised of pairs that competed against other pairs, and the winners of each match progressed in the bracket. 

 “We had a lot of people show up and we raised over 250 dollars for GiGi’s playhouse,” Zach Richards, senior, said. “I think a lot of people who came last year had a lot of fun so they came again, brought friends and new people and we advertised it well this year.”

The winners of the tournament this year were two freshman, Shrey Shankar and Noah Kyrychenko. Richards has noticed the success of the Badminton tournament for the past 4 years he has been in high school, and he thinks that the annual tradition of holding the tournament should be continued.

“I think it’s an event that should be kept around. We had a lot less teams than last year but I think it’s because of the new way of charity bash this year and people are not as into charity bash because it is spread out throughout the whole year so I think if that changed then more people will sign up,” Richards said.