Get your rock on

School House Rock Jr. to hit the stage November 7-11


Photo by Photo used with permission of Haley Cranstoun

The cast and crew put in long hours to bring School House Rock jr to the theater. Don’t miss the musical on November 7-11!

Sreelikhi Vangavolu, Spotlight Editor

After the cast and crews’ long hours and hard work, School House Rock Jr. will be rocking into the theater this November 7-11. 

The musical brings an engaging plotline with relatable characters and familiar emotions, according to Sarah Keating, senior and cast member.  

“I think [School House Rock Jr.] just gives so much nostalgia, like seeing “Just a Bill”, “Conjunction Junction”, and all the dances,” Keating said. “There’s a lot of energy in the show and it will bring back so many good memories. Everyone will know most of the songs, which is kind of unique. Overall, it’s educational and fun for kids, so I think it will be a good experience.”  

With a new and fresh story, the musical will be entertaining for all, according to Keating.

“Basically [the musical] is about a school teacher named Tom who is really nervous for his first day of school, so he decides to watch School House Rock to kind of calm down his nerves,” Keating said. “And all of his thoughts come to life. They use School House Rock to calm him down and get excited to teach.”

Along with the amusing plotline, the musical brings more surprises, according to Keating. This year the program is doing something new. 

“We’re having two casts; each night there is going to be a different cast performing the show,” Keating said. “Also we’re adding in an Act 2 that is not strictly from the script, so we’re using all the same songs, but making them more like a karaoke, interactive version.”

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