Choosing a charity, club leaders vote for next years Charity Bash


Photo by Photo by Madeleine Lawler

Charity Bash selections include Student Council members presenting potential charities to other club leaders. Maeve Griffin, junior, is shown presenting a potential charity for Charity Bash.

Sreelikhi Vangavolu , Staff Writer

Each year a charity is selected to partake in the Charity Bash; this years selection took place on May 8 and the top nominations were discussed by the Student Council officers and other clubs’ leaders.

The school gets a list of potential charities, which it then narrows down to four. The leaders and representatives of the clubs then get to vote on the charity they believe will benefit the community the greatest. The nominated charities must “benefit children [and have a] connection to Lake Zurich High School,” according to the Charity Selection Guidelines.

“Charities are nominated by students, faculty, and the community. Student council then compiled  the nominations,” McKenna Walsh, junior and Student Council president, said. “We then present the charities to a group containing leaders from sports and clubs. These leaders are nominated by their coaches and sponsors to represent them. The representatives then vote on the charity.”

Charity bash has raised over $500,000 so far and the Student Council members and club leaders are looking forward to another successful Charity Bash, according to Walsh.

“I am personally looking forward to finding fresh and fun new ways to fundraise,” Walsh said. “ I’m also really looking forward to implementing the online fundraising component that we started last year and overall just raising a ton of money for an amazing cause.”