New year new club

STEAM team includes all aspects of science and technology


Photo by Photo used with the permission of Elana Kraversky and Tiffany Yen

Pictured from left to right, Kraversky, Babb, and Yen have taken part in many STEAM based camps. They hope to use their experiences in introducing the STEAM field to the students of LZ.

Sreelikhi Vangavolu , Staff Writer

With over 40 clubs and activities to choose from in LZ, three students are introducing a new club meant to bring all aspects of science, technology, engineering, art, and math into one.

Lauren Babb, Elana Kraversky, and Tiffany Yen, seniors and co-founders of the STEAM team hope to open up the STEAM field to LZHS.

STEAM Team is a club in which members will learn more about STEAM careers, and paths many students are unaware of. The main goal of this club is to educate more students at LZ about STEAM and why it is such an important career field,” Babb said. “In addition, members will be able to participate in awesome labs and fun activities to get more involved in science overall.”

Even if someone is not interested in engineering, the STEAM team is very open, and there is a wide range of choices and activities to take part in, according to Babb.

“The club is actually centered around the five basic principles to STEAM: science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. So overall, our club is much more inclusive than just the practical engineering club,” Babb said. “Members should expect to hear guest speaks talk about their experiences and teach us about their everyday life in the STEAM community.”

The STEAM team co-founders have a bunch of activities planned out and are very excited to share them, according to Yen.

“I’m most looking forward to the pumpkin launch that we plan to have around Thanksgiving or Halloween, with the physics teacher just showing the projection, and hopefully people [will be] interested,” Yen said.

Additionally, the STEAM team consists of fun exercises that encourage teamwork and collaboration, according to Kraversky.

We have a lot of minor activities planned during the actual meetings and we want to do a lot of like group work,” Kraversky said. “Things like building the tallest tower with your group using only straws, car races, based on cars that we build, little activities that don’t cost that much, but are really effective in putting the point across, that most STEAM fields are everywhere.”

The club will be a great way to incorporate math, sciences, and the arts outside of school, and hopefully will be a success according to Babb, Kraversky, and Yen.

“STEAM Team will be meeting the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month at 7:20, and will be meeting in Mr. Agustin’s classroom,” Babb said. “The club will be starting up the 2nd Wednesday of September (the 12th), in room S107.”