Recent Pi Day allows for students to learn and understand different STEAM fields


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Pi day was celebrated at LZHS

Ruby Lueras, Bear Facts contributor

3.14159265359. It is an easily recognized number, Pi, but on March 14th it was so much more than that. On this past Pi Day, presenters of all different STEAM fields came down to the high school to speak about their careers and how students could soon follow in their steps.

“For me, Pi Day allows students to have a different aspect or understanding on
what we do in our everyday jobs and how we got here in the first place […] it definitely influences the [students],” said Anthony Campbell, firefighter and presenter at Pi Day.

Pi Day allows for students to get an insight look on possible careers for them; it also allows for a better understanding of careers as a whole, according to Campbell. One student who attended the nurses presentation said that it “provided [her] a good insight” and that, although she may not go into that direct field, it was helpful.

“My grandmother works as a nurse so it was really interesting to get an understanding on what she does. […] I’m likely not going into the medical field, but since I don’t have much contact with [my grandmother] made me feel closer to her in a way,” said Alaya Arslan, freshman.

Whether going into a STEAM field or not, Pi Day provides value to everyone who attended, student or teacher.

“I think it’s really important for students to explore different career opportunities,” said Laurel Carver, math teacher. “In today’s society careers that involve science and math are very in demand and this may open [students] up to a whole new world.”