Movie Night brings students together for a night of fun


Jim Weimer, staff writer

The sun setting behind the new bleachers, the swarm of students sitting on the lawn, and the noise of music in the background while everyone waits for the movie to begin is what makes Movie Night unique.

Student council has been running movie nights for three years now, and every year students have come to enjoy a fun and friendly social environment.

“At the beginning of school it’s nice to chill with your friends while things are still getting started,” Kelly Schwantes, senior, said. “It’s a nice way to do that while also supporting the buddy project, it’s just a good blend of activity.”

Schwantes has been to two Movie Nights, watching The IncrediblesFerris Bueller’s Day Off, and now Remember the Titans at Mel Eide Field.

“I’ve never seen Remember the Titans but I’ve heard lots of good things about it. I voted for Back to the Future, so I was a little disappointed [when it didn’t win], but I liked the movie a lot,” Schwantes said. “It wasn’t just about football, it was about coming together, putting differences aside, and doing what you love, which is something high schoolers are influenced by.”

This year 247 students attended the movie night, making it the largest attended Movie Night, according to Christopher Bennett, Student Council Co-Sponsor

“I thought that it went well,” Schwantes said. “The weather was wonderful, a lot of students showed up, and it was great to see some people I haven’t seen in a long time.”