Painting a world through costumes


Alex Ketcham, Bear Facts Contributor

If you do theatre long enough, it may be very easy to  become a-costumed to the lifestyle that comes from it.     

Vince O’Brill, senior, started theatre in eighth grade playing Fred in Lake Zurich Middle School North’s production of A Christmas Carol. Now, he has switched his focus to costumes and through four years has accumulated over 1320 hours working in the Performing Arts Center either in the costume room, on stage, or in the wings.

“I’ve been involved in all aspects of [theatre], however, costuming has been one that has stuck out to me for I have [costumed] six or seven of my shows here out of all 12 that I have done here,” OBrill said.

Not only is his passion for theatre and costuming practiced at school, but it also follows him in free time as well, according to OBrill.

“Over the summer I work at Cricket [Theatre Company] as the costume director,” says OBrill. “I [also] got to direct along Mary Beth Euker and Kate Zwiefelhofer to put on the [Seth Paine] production of Beauty and the Beast with 4th and 5th graders.”

In addition to his theatre-related responsibilities, being involved in other school activities is also important in his life, OBrill said, as he is also a FAME leader and on the Student Leadership Team.

“He is one of the busiest people I’ve ever met in my life,” said Leah Link, spanish teacher.

He is also someone who not only can manage their schedule, but can excel at it, Link said.

“He is very, very talented for somebody to be able to do everything that he does,” Link said.

The ability that Vince has to manage his academic and extracurricular schedule also transfers into managing his social schedule, according to Maia Latta, friend and senior.

“He is literally always doing something yet he still has time to do things with me and my friends and hang out with us, or spend time with his family,” said Latta

With the amount of extracurricular activities that he does, they help him thrive in his academic work rather than affecting him negatively, OBrill said.

“I feel that if I’m more involved with [my] activities then I perform better in my classes, I perform better on my homework, and on my tests and quizzes because I feel like I need to accomplish something,”said OBrill. “If I already need to accomplish something somewhere else, then I feel that it’s more of a priority to accomplish my schoolwork.”

In the fall, he will pursue an interest of elementary education at DePaul University. This interest began when he student directed Beauty and the Beast at Seth Paine, according to OBrill.

“I truly realized how fascinating it is and how important it is to have a figure to look up to in that age because it gives them a reason to carry on in life, and a reason to shoot big for their future,” said OBrill. “I truly would love to be a part of that in any kids life.”

As he gets set to leave for college, he has nothing but nice things to say about the town that he grew up in, according to OBrill.

“LZ has been my hometown since I was born and I would say that this community is one of the most developed and one of the most respectful and friendly communities that I have ever visited,” said OBrill. “I’ve gotten to interact and be involved with so many different people. […] I just find it fascinating and it keeps me on the edge of my seat to keep living life.”