Nursing a love of science through art

Alex Ketcham, Bear Facts Contributor

Science and art might seem totally different on paper with the use of logic and reasoning versus creativity and inspiration but one student however, finds ways to use both at the same time.

“Each piece represents a different environmental issue so the goal is kind of to bring awareness to the magnitude of the issues that humans have created to the environment,” said McKenna Toussaint, senior, who uses the content and ideas from her AP Biology class and photoshop to create abstract photographs. Some of the pieces that she has created address environmental ideas such as extinction, nuclear warfare, and the use of pesticides.

The pieces McKenna creates are unlike anything seen before by Kristen LaJeunesse, art teacher.

“Her attention to detail is outstanding. I don’t know if I’ve seen that in many students in the past,” LaJeunesse said. “Also the thought and research that she puts into each piece is almost unsurpassed to be honest.”

Her interest of biology also applies to her extracurricular activities, says Toussaint, as she is president of Habitat for Humanity. In addition, she is also a PE Leader, a member of FBLA, NHS,  school and club soccer teams, and taking multiple AP and Honors level classes.

“She’s just in all these classes that she takes and somehow she manages to do it all. I don’t know how she does it.” Lara Zuk, friend of Toussaint and fellow senior, said.

McKenna, says she, does not plan on studying art in college, but will be studying nursing and Spanish at Saint Louis University. Art will hopefully still be a part of her life in her free time however, Toussaint said.

“I guess I would say to anyone that if they are potentially interested in something, to try it in high school,” Toussaint said. “I can’t even imagine my schedule now without going to art.”