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Senior cords to celebrate achievements

Brianne Saab, secretary

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Now that the class of 2031 has graduated, the class of 2017 has the opportunity to follow suit next weekend, draped in colorful cords.

Students receive these cords on the basis of club involvement. On the day of graduation, they may show their cords, colored rope worn around the neck, that activities give out. This graduation tradition has been going on for at least 14 years,

“Clubs, activities, and groups give cords to honor students that have been involved in their organizations over the last four years,” Ryan Rubenstein, assistant principal for operations, said. “Each group is given a separate color, whether they’re service organizations or anything associated specifically with school. It signifies their commitment and their work that they’ve put in for each of the organizations.”

Students like the opportunity to recognize their peers and to receive recognition.

“I think it’s good to honor the kids. A lot of times people put a lot of effort into their activities and to recognize that brings it full circle,” Alex Kozlowski, senior and NHS member, said. “Basically, you’re putting in all the work but you’re not necessarily recognized for it, but the cords will help recognize the effort you’ve given. It’s cool to see all the different things people have done and how they earned their cords, because you don’t necessarily see what they’re doing while they’re doing it.”

Not all clubs give out cords, however. In order to have cords, sponsors must have approached Rubenstein at the beginning of the year with interest and drawn up a set of requirements.

“What I ask from each of the clubs and activities is that they have some sort of rubric that they use in order to evaluate who gets cords and who doesn’t,” Rubenstein said. “There are some groups who [require] a commitment of four years, or a number of hours, or a certain number of shows.”

Some students are interested in receiving cords who do not already get them.

“I feel like as PE Leaders we all deserve a cord,” Kozlowski said. “We went through two years of PE Leadership, and a lot of us are on varsity sports and gave up our study hall to help the teacher and classes. I think all the leaders should get a cord, and maybe [the top two leaders] could get an additional cord acknowledging their accomplishments.”

For students who want to receive cords, it is important to talk to sponsors directly to get the process moving.

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Senior cords to celebrate achievements