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Energy tricks: fact or fiction?

danielle collins, features writer

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Students seeking energy to shake off slumped shoulders, droopy eyes, and constant yawns often turn to caffeine or coffee. However, such methods of obtaining energy may contain more myth than fact for tired teens.

“[The best way to stay energized is] to stay hydrated. Drink lots of water. Also minimize caffeine and eat protein,” Beth Slaughter, who has a master’s degree in food science, said.

Slaughter states that a healthy diet and exercise help maintain energy, but she does not think certain ‘energy myths’ really work.

“I’m not a believer in any of that stuff,” Slaughter said. “There’s a lot of claims out there but not a lot of true science behind them.”

Bear Facts tested out both the possible myths and facts just to be sure.


Garlic: ****

Swallowing a clove of garlic whole might sound disgusting, but it just might give provide energy. Students who tried this technique found they stayed energized for a few class periods after swallowing a clove when usually they would be tired, and another clove rejuvenated them once more. However, buying, cutting, and peeling garlic can be inconvenient according to testers. The cheap price is plus. A negative is the smell on your skin, but without chewing the garlic, your breath stays fresh.

Pomegranate Juice: ***

Pomegranate juice is definitely not an instant energizer, but its nutritious ingredients make it a healthy choice. The healthy qualities provide the body with nutrients that can give a general awake feeling and attentiveness throughout the day. Adding pomegranate juice to a student’s diet might improve overall energy, but is not a choice for immediately effective energy.

Exercise: ****

If looking for a mental reboot, exercising for just ten minutes every morning can make that happen. Simple exercises such as jogging or jumping jacks can provide mental energy for most of the day. Exercising just for those few minutes is convenient, and there is no price unless a student wants workout attire. A little exercise goes a long way when it comes to energy.

Eating and Drinking healthy all day: ****

This method is doctor-recommended for a reason, as it really does work. Students proved eating healthy snacks when feeling tired helps for a wake-up call, even if they didn’t feel hungry. Students tested this method by eating Clif Bars, which are nutritional and, according to students, taste good as well. Any nutritional granola bar would do the trick. They are convenient, inexpensive, and succeed in energizing students, proving doctors correct.

Sugar: *

Popping a sugar cube into your mouth might be quick and easy, but it is not worth a short ten minutes of energy. One sugar cube gives this ten minutes immediately, but a crash follows each and every time. Sugar is not a healthy choice in the first place, according to Slaughter, rejecting sugar as a way to gain energy.

Energy drinks: *

Though energy drinks have been marketed to sound appealing, they don’t work well for an energized school day. Drinking beverages such as Monster and Redbull provide a ‘buzzing’ feeling and energy for a little while after drinking, and then a huge crash when the time is up. Though they are convenient and might taste good, testers say the expense and the crash make energy drinks a thumbs down.

Energy products:

  • Gatorade Energy Chews: *      These name-brandy chews might have an appealing taste to some students,      but testers did not report any gains in energy. Although they did not      report any crashes, the chews did not accomplish their purpose. So despite      their convenience and taste, these chews are a no-go for an energized      school day.
  • 5-Hour Energy: ** 5 Hour      Energy supplies energy in a similar way to coffee and results in a crash a      few hours later. Students described it as having a terrible taste, and at      about $2.00 per small bottle, the price is pretty steep. Unless students      are looking for a quick jolt and willing to sacrifice good taste, 5 Hour      Energy does not have testers’ recommendations.
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Energy tricks: fact or fiction?