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Macklemore drops new album, brings new vibe to the mainstream

Macklemore drops new album, brings new vibe to the mainstream

October 26, 2012 • Adam Griffith, Sports Editor  
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How Macklemore saved the Mainstream It’s funny the way mainstream music catches on these days. Whether it be through the radio, peers, or the media, the same genre of songs seem to slip into the limelight and stand out in the music industry. Songs like Carly Ray Jensen’s “Call Me Maybe,” One... Read more »

P!nk tells the truth about love in her new album

October 26, 2012 • Kat Pauli, Bear Facts Viewpoint Editor  
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       P!nk’s recently released album, The Truth About Love, sticks to her  punk pop roots while still being fresh and fun for listeners.       The album has a solid array of songs for every type of P!nk fan, from those who favor her anthemic “So What” type songs, to the... Read more »

Bears prepare for first round of playoffs

October 26, 2012 • Angelica LaVito, Editor-in-Chief  
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The LZHS Bears will face Crystal Lake South in the first round of the 7A football playoffs at Mel Eide Field this Saturday, October 27 at 2pm.   The team enters the game as the reigning North Suburban Conference Lake Division champions with a record of 7-2.   “I’m really happy with the way the... Read more »

Senator Dan Duffy speaks to LZHS students

October 23, 2012 • renee griffin, bear facts managing editor  
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            Republican senator Dan Duffy visited Lake Zurich on October 10 to speak to Social Studies students about politics.             Duffy covered a variety of subjects, including how he became involved in politics and some of the difficulties he has faced in a largely Democratic... Read more »

New thrift store opens in LZ, donates to Epilepsy Foundation

October 21, 2012 • emmy schwerdt, bear facts news writer  
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A newly opened thrift store in Lake Zurich helps the community by donating to the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago. Savers, a national thrift store chain, recently opened in LZ near the intersection of Rand and Old Rand Roads. Next door to the store is a donation center where people can drop off... Read more »

Kicking off Red Ribbon Week

October 19, 2012 • emily hack, kevin logan, bear facts viewpoint writer, news editor  
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Red Ribbon Week starts on October 22 and goes until October 26. Red Ribbon Week is celebrated every year at the high school to promote drug free lives. With more than 100,000 schools and organizations taking part in Red Ribbon Week each year, it makes it the largest anti-drug event in the United States,... Read more »

Owl City’s chart topping Midsummer Station: entertaining but not thought-provoking

October 17, 2012 • nicole syverson, bear facts entertainment writer  
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Songwriter Adam Young’s band, Owl City, released Midsummer Station in August. Young is a singer/song writer who is more of a song writer than a singer.    “I cannot stop writing/recording. I suppose that makes me a ‘voracious inventor’ or something like that. I find the creative process is... Read more »

Should teens trick or treat?

October 16, 2012 • Genna Danial, bear facts features writer  
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            Every Halloween, teenagers have to make the decision on whether to go trick or treating or stay home.  As students grow older, some question whether trick or treating is still socially acceptable. Traditionally, younger children have been the ones going door to door asking for... Read more »

Lifeline promotes teen mental health

October 16, 2012 • Julia Kuhn, bear facts features writer  
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Mental health issues affect high school students across the country, and approximately 66 percent of young people with mental health problems do not get the help they need, according to the Children’s Mental Health Statistics website. Lifeline, a club at LZHS, wants to change the stigma with mental... Read more »

Coaches focused on wrong goals

Coaches focused on wrong goals

October 16, 2012 • Lexi Fye, Bear Facts Viewpoint Writer  
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All coaches dream of having an amazing team that can win it all.  Unfortunately, some coaches take this too far, damaging not only their athletes, but also the coaches themselves.            A successful team is not only built with skill, but also with the team’s mental state.  There is... Read more »

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