Bops, sobs, and staying up until midnight

A review of Taylor Swift’s newly released album ‘Midnights’


Photo by and used with the permission of rawpixel.com_/_Nunny

The official cover of the Midnights album. In this album, Taylor Swift uses retro and pop vibes.

Spotify’s most streamed album in a single day. Best selling album of 2022. Occupying all top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. Taylor Swift’s Midnights released on October 21st and was one of the most highly anticipated albums in recent music history.

Swift has been spending the last few years re-recording her old albums, so a completely new album caught Swifties (fans of Taylor Swift) off guard. 

From this record breaking album, I selected the most notable tracks to review. Personally, Taylor Swift is my favorite singer and I am an avid listener, so when Midnights was announced in September, I spent many sleepless nights dreaming about this album. 

Anti-Hero (4/5)

As the third track on the album, Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” takes listeners on a tour through her deepest fears and nightmares. Swift keeps to the upbeat nature of the album as she sings insightful and somewhat melancholy lyrics. 

The chorus, “it’s me, hi, i’m the problem, it’s me,” plays into the feeling of self-loathing which many can relate to. 

This song had me dancing and the lyrics were easy to pick up on, but I can envision myself getting sick of it easily because it’s already overplayed. However, the music video will forever be iconic as Swift somehow managed to reflect her struggles with body image and include a hilarious fight between her fictional  “children” over her inheritance into one video. I thought this video was entertaining and funny. I think it will become as classic as the “Blank Space” and “You Belong With Me” videos.  

Snow On The Beach (Featuring Lana Del Ray) (3/5)

Before the album release, Swifties and Lana Del Ray fans alike eagerly awaited this collaboration. But upon listening, disappointment was inevitable. I listened to the first verse frantically waiting for Del Ray to make her entrance but she never entered. Then the second verse floated past, with a faint whisper of Lana in the background. 

I felt almost cheated out of this collaboration and it seems as if a lot of people share this opinion. I think both Lana Del Ray and Taylor Swift have done much better by themselves. The melody was boring and it just doesn’t compare to the rest of the album. 

There are parts of the song I enjoy. The lyrics are descriptive enough to paint a picture in my mind. I also like that it takes a slower pace than the rest of the tracks in Midnights to add contrast to her album. 

Bejeweled (4/5)

“Bejeweled” is the second single from Midnights. This song is fun and vibrant. Its message seems to be the opposite of “Anti-Hero” because instead of self loathing, Swift showcases her confident side. 

However, the music video is not my favorite. The plot of the music video  started off as a retelling of Cinderella and very “unswiftly” transitioned into glittery chaos. When Taylor Swift danced in her crystal bodysuit in a martini glass it was too much for me. I like dramatic videos but this was just weird. 

That being said, this song did leave me feeling ‘bejeweled’ after listening and I think it has a strong replay value.  It’s not overly eccentric but it is cool and makes for good background music. 

Karma (5/5)

For Swifties, the word “karma” means a lot. Karma is believed to be the “lost album” from Taylor Swift that she wrote after drama with Kanye West and her year long hiatus. Although I don’t agree with this theory, I did feel a chill down my back when Taylor announced that “Karma” was going to be a track on Midnights.

When Karma came on I was pleasantly surprised. Karma is my favorite track on the album. The lyrics are funny and punchy and it’s even more of a bop than “Anti-Hero.” The up-beat nature of the song is super fun and on brand for the album. 

Swift uses this song to emphasize her relationship with Karma. She metaphorically compares Karma to her boyfriend, a cat, a god, and a relaxing thought. This song is clever and I am loving it. 

Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve (4.5/5)

“Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” is one of my favorite 3am tracks. This song utilizes a little bit of Swift’s country style. It is a slower song but it’s still catchy. 

The lyrics tell a story of a relationship that Swift regrets, allegedly about John Mayer. Lyrics like “memories feel like weapons” and “If clarity’s in death then why won’t this die?” showcase the complexity of Swift’s songwriting. 

This song definitely strays from the retro pop Midnights aesthetic, with a slower  more country vibe, but it feels very on brand for Swift as it gives “Dear John” and “All Too Well” energy, highlighting the highs and lows of toxic relationships.


Overall, Midnights is a great album and I cannot wait to learn all of the lyrics. Swift mixes her classic song style with a new vintage twist. I think these songs will never go out of style and will turn lots of people into Swifties.