Coffee and cookies in COVID: cute cafe will sweeten your day

The varying decor around Stompin’ Grounds Café are part of what make it such a charming place to stop for a treat.

Kara Yoon, Staff Writer

Amidst the bleak days of COVID-19 brings, people are looking for a  new change in pace to brighten their days.  Luckily, a sweet spot has opened just along Old Rand Rd. that is sure to lighten their loads. Stompin’ Grounds Cafe opened up earlier this fall just across from Breezewald Park, and it’s a fresh addition to the small businesses that reside in downtown LZ.  I was pleasantly surprised by it’s modern appearance and comfortable impression.

The outside of the cafe greets customers with a friendly scarecrow and chalkboard with charming messages, which liven up the entrance despite it’s close proximity to the parking lot.  The large windows allow a view into the warmly lit cafe, a peek at its other products such as goat milk soap and natural skin care, and a sign that states masks are required inside.

Once I entered, I was greeted by the polite staff behind the counter, and was given time to look at the moderate menu while also taking in my surroundings.  I then ordered a jalapeño cheddar scone, coconut chocolate donut, and spiced chai latte.

During my brief wait for my order, I checked out the several displays of  different organic and locally sourced items the café offers past it’s menu, including raw honey and a variety of different wines that are mostly vegan and sugar free.

When I received my food and drink I was able to sit at the outside seating and try my selection of treats.  When biting into the scone, the flavor of not only the savory taste of cheddar, but also the mild kick of jalapeño spread across my mouth.  Typically in my experience when a menu item includes some kind of pepper, the pepper is barely detectable on the palate but the café did a nice job of incorporating different flavors into the scone.  The donut was a normal, but still an enjoyable option for those who prefer sweet over savory, and the latte was nicely invigorating with it’s sweet but not sickly spice.

Despite being unable to sit inside of the cafe due to safety restrictions, I was still able to see the refreshingly hip seating and decorations which I could easily see becoming a hangout spot for highschoolers in the future.  There’s a good amount of space for people to hang out, and the back area is even picture-worthy with its  chic zebra print chairs and stylish table decor.

Overall Stompin’ Grounds Cafe warranted a 4.5/5 from me because of its warm ambiance,  range of additional natural products offered, and the element of youth that it brings to the downtown area.  It’s a great place to go if you’re looking for a gratifying pick-up.