Phase 3 over, what is next for Avengers

Since Endgame has been so hyped up, it is time to take a look and see if Endgame is a worthy squeal or not.


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Avengers: Endgame is including everyone from the MCU here. In it’s opening weekend, it has made the most money out of any other movie.

Adam Monnette, Bear Facts Contributor

Ever since Infinity War ended, Endgame has been one of the most talked about sequels to the Marvel Cinematic Universe,{MCU}, for short. Ever since 2008 with the start of the first movie in the MCU, Iron Man, everyone continues to get hyped up for the next installment. Sales records have certainly shown that as Endgame has already made $300 million dollars in its domestic opening weekend, crushing the previous record of $258 million from Infinity War, according to

Upon hearing that Endgame was a 181-minute movie, my first question was how were they going to pad enough action to make sure the audience would not get bored since this is the longest movie in the MCU. If you have still not snagged yourself a ticket since places all around the country are sold out, then go make room in your schedule and watch it because Endgame worth it.

“It was a worthy sequel to Infinity War. It was pretty good but there was too much talking and the fight scenes were lackluster. All the Easter eggs made it have a lot of humor for an otherwise serious movie,” Peter Ferrigan, sophomore said.

Endgame started right where Infinity War ended, with the surviving superheroes trying to undo the infamous snap from the end of Infinity War.

One of my favorite things about the movie was the amazing use of comedy to keep it upbeat. From Captain Marvel giving plenty of sass, to Tony Stark’s kid, Morgan, swearing, to the use of popular Easter eggs here on Earth, it made looking at all parts of the screen and rewatching a must.

It was heartbreaking to see some of my favorite characters die, but they died in a way that helped complete their character arc and made them a well rounded person.

The actors in this movie truly made this movie as good as it has been hyped up. All the actors were hilarious but were also intelligent and philosophical. As in most movies, you could see a bit of the actor in each character.

The only problem I had with this movie was the fact that it bounced back and forth too much between different plots and the lackluster ending.

There were three different subplots that were going on all at the same time, and it got really confusing with which characters were with each group.

The ending was lackluster compared to the rest of the movie. It goes from being pure action and comedy to solemn and sadness, but the movie tries to end on a happier note. The problem with that is that the final three minutes of the movie do not really match up with the rest of the movie.

Overall, I give this movie 9.1/10 stars because of the comedy that flowed perfectly between more serious scenes, however, the ending was lackluster compared to the rest of the movie.