Athlete first, student second

Why a green sheet can actually benefit struggling student-athletes


Photo by Photo by Sreelikhi Vangavolu

Student-athletes who are struggling in school are required to complete study sessions. One place they can utilize is the math resource center (MRC).

Athletics are a large part of student-athlete’s life. Whether it be spending time at games, competitions, or matches, a large portion of their time is dedicated to their sport. But when student-athletes underperform in school, study sessions are put in place to help them succeed.

After all, they are a student before an athlete.

Although students feel study sessions can be a waste of time, they are actually beneficial to the struggling student-athletes. Having a few D’s may not seem like a big deal, but those grades do more than just lower ones GPA. They have the potential to show character. By putting in place study sessions, the school not only requires struggling student-athletes to go get help, but it also encourages them to gain responsibility and improve character.

The issue with study sessions, however, comes with the “few grades problem.” When there are only a few formative grades in the grade book and those grades happen to be D’s or F’s, student-athletes have to go through the process of completing study sessions.

Although that may seem like a hassle, it could actually be beneficial. Instead of looking at the study sessions as a way to get extra help and improve their knowledge, students have a preconceived notion of thinking it is a waste of time. Even though a student-athlete may be asked to complete study sessions despite having only a few grades put in, they could look at it in a more positive light.

Whatever it may be, study sessions are a good way for students-athletes to reflect on their grades. As an athlete myself, it is easy to get caught up in the sport and forget about grades for a little bit. Study sessions act as a little nudge to help improve grades and as a way to get any extra help.

According to, Nina Guarisco, sophomore volleyball and basketball player, despite some cons of study sessions they will benefit the student in the long run.

“Study sessions can sometimes seem like a waste of time because they make it harder for players to play,” Guarisco said. “But in the long run it’s a good idea to help student athletes when they are struggling.”