Fall Favorites

Transitioning into the new season

Alexandra Rauchfuss, Staff Writer

The first day of fall is just around the corner, but students and teachers are already “falling” back into the season. 

With the new school year, students are transitioning from a summer fun mindset to a routine mindset. There is more stress of schoolwork and homework, but the fall season does not mean giving up the fun. Many students look forward to fall traditions such as corn mazes, pumpkin patches, apple orchards, Halloween and Thanksgiving. Sticking to traditions and favorite fall activities provides relief and relaxation.  

 Photo used with permission of @lzgxc1
“Fall is my favorite season,” Kate Thompson, sophomore, said, “because I like how pretty it is outside with all the leaves changing color. And I like that in the fall time, when we run cross country, we get to run through the forest when the weather’s nice and we can see how pretty it is outside.”


“My favorite part of the fall is getting to play on the JV football team. I like the brotherhood and getting to be on a team of brothers. My friends and teammates come to my games to watch and support me.””

— Darren Zheng, sophmore

 Photo used with permission of Samantha Cranstoun
“Fall is my favorite season because the weather is really nice. and it is pretty outside,” said Samantha Cranstoun, sophomore. “I also love cheering at the JV football games on Friday’s. Cheer is almost year round but I love the fall season the best because we get to be outside and games are a lot of fun.”





















“I love fall because we get to celebrate Halloween. Every year my family and I pick out pumpkins and carve them together. I also like going to corn mazes with my friends because one time we got lost in the dark and had to find our way back.””

— Emily Kaminsky, sophmore

 Photo used with permission of Stephanie Hunsberger
“I enjoy watching the game because it’s almost as much of a social activity as it’s fun to cheer on your team,” said Stephanie Hunsberger, English Language Learners teacher. “I also always really enjoy watching our mascot do push ups. Because there’s a Mizzou tradition, that when we score, they shoot off a cannon and the mascot runs out and does the number of push ups of the score.”