24 returns to TV

julia kuhn, in depth editor

Jack Bauer is back in action.

The counter-terrorism agent from the long running TV show 24 returns to the small screen after a four year break. The show’s series finale was in 2010, but 24 is returning for another 12-episode season called 24: Live Another Day, which debuts May 5 on FOX.

“I’m excited for the premiere. I have watched all the previous seasons. All the main characters are coming back, and the last season ended with a cliffhanger, so I’m excited to see how it turns out,” Claire Skowron, senior, said. “I think it was unexpected that a series that already had its series finale would decide to come back and do another season.”

The series ran for eight seasons, from 2001 to 2010. Each 24-episode season covered 24 hours in the life of Bauer, played by Kiefer Sutherland, using a real time method of narration. The unique format of the show is one of the reasons Skowron thinks other people should watch 24, even if they have not seen the previous seasons.

“I like Jack Bauer. I like the suspense. I like the hour by hour format; I think it’s unique. I would recommend the show because it’s very thrilling and keeps you on the edge of your seat,” Skowron said. “Especially if you like shows like Homeland and Scandal that have government and suspense, this goes along with that. The producers said you didn’t have to see all the previous seasons to follow this season.”


24 will premiere with a special two-hour episode on Monday, May 5, at 7pm. The episodes after the premiere will be Monday at 8pm, starting on Monday, May 12, according to FOX’s website.