Cheer team helps aspiring cheerleaders through clinics


Ruby Lueras, Bear Facts Contributor

The Varsity Cheer team is paving the path for younger cheerleaders through their skills clinics.

The cheer team will be hosting the clinic on February 15 for young aspiring cheerleaders in the district. The clinic is split into two groups, K-5 and middle schoolers, and around 30-40 youth cheerleaders are expected to attend. 

“A lot of younger kids look up to high school cheerleaders. We have little kids come up to them all the time and want to give them a hug or just say hi ,” Rachael Fischer, cheer coach, said. “It gives [the kids] an opportunity to work with [the cheerleaders] and learn from them. They’re role models.”

Haley Eder, senior cheerleader, has helped run the clinic for the past few years and she knows the influence that role models can provide in cheer.

“When I was younger there was a ton of cheer clinics I did at my school [so] now it’s weird to see [the kids] in the position I was in a long time ago,” Eder said.

Since Eder has been in both positions of cheer clinics she understands the value and purpose in them. For herself, clinics like the one offered at the school have bettered her cheer skills and inspired her to go further with cheer, she said.

“For one it’s cute seeing all the little kids, but most importantly I love to see the improvement they make [throughout] the years. Some improve so much with just one clinic,” Eder said. “It’s so cool to see how far they’ll be in a short time span.”