Helping Hand: QB Club assists football players on and off the field


Doug Miller, QB Club vice president, displays his Lake Zurich Bears flag outside his house.

Adam Cupples, Staff Writer

As the Bears’ undefeated season rolls on, it is easy to recognize the fans’ excitement and support from the sidelines. Some of these fans are also a part of another group of supporters who work behind-the-scenes to strengthen the quality of the football program.

Members of the Lake Zurich community run the Quarterback Club, a non profit organization that gathers funds and volunteers for the program and school. These funds are used for purchases that benefit the football program, such as helmets, headsets, and weight equipment, according to Doug Miller, one of the Quarterback Club’s vice presidents and a LZHS parent, said.

“There’s quite a bit that the money goes toward. One of the biggest things I point to is the weight room. [The club] was able to help offset some of the expenses for the school and that benefits all of the school, even the non-athlete students who utilize it. I think we have a very strong weight room program that’s available and [the organization] has been fortunate enough to help with that,” Miller said. “We also provide materials for the concession stands that the school is able to use for teacher functions in order to defray costs for gatherings such as the Bear Barbecue. These purchases aren’t just focused on the football program, they’re focused on the whole school.”

The club’s primary objective, however, is to provide support to the football program. This goal is reflected in the organization’s mission statement, Miller says.

“I think that the mission statement speaks strongly to the fact that [the club] is there for the football program to help augment the shortages that the school or team has and also, to help them develop young people of character, student-athletes of character,” Miller said.

Dr. Andrew Lambert, athletic director, says the support that the club provides to the high school is necessary because it assists the student-athletes who take part in the program.

“Anytime any program gets support from the community and from those outside the team, it helps provide moral victories,” Lambert said. “It creates opportunities for our kids to see that people do care about them and want to see them succeed. I think with the Quarterback Club [is] there in terms of support for the student-athletes and our programs. They do support us financially in some regards, in terms of purchasing certain things for our student-athletes, which helps us compete. But more so, I think it’s a feeling of support overall that helps the program.”

Miller agrees that the Quarterback Club’s main purpose is to assist in supporting a strong football program for Lake Zurich, as he says the athletes learn valuable life lessons during their football careers.

“[The main goal] is to support the program,” Miller said. “We see the value that a strong student-athlete program brings to the students and to the community. Having strong student-athletes helps to prepare better adults in the future. It’s a very positive augmentation of their school if [the student-athletes] get to see what it’s like to be part of a community. In the case of football, the young men who stay with the program see that even though they might not be a starter, they’re an integral part of the team. As far as life lessons go, [the players] learn that you’re a part of something bigger than just yourself.”

A number of groups help support the football program and its members by contributing money to the club, Miller says, which the club then gives to the high school.

“In addition to money raised during the Golf Outing and Spring Fling, we also get donations from the local restaurants who sponsor activities,” Miller said. “They will then advertise at the Golf Outing or Spring Fling, so when it’s game time, [the program] can return the favor by meeting at the restaurants after games to discuss how the game went. The parents also like to go out to eat afterwards, which helps bring attention to the restaurants in return for their sponsorship. It’s a very symbiotic relationship.”

Under the Friday night lights, it may be easy to forget the work that the QB Club members put into improving the quality of LZ Bears football, but it’s important not to overlook the contributions they make toward improving LZHS as a whole.