Love for hockey from 1st grade to HS graduation

Julia Ketcham, business manager

Following in his father’s footsteps, Tyler Krasavage, senior, shares a passion for ice hockey with his father which started back in first grade.

“My dad has played hockey since he was a kid and I basically started when I was in first grade and same with my brother,” Krasavage said. “[My father] is my role model and I always look up to him because he has always played hockey.”

According to Krasavage, a returning varsity defenseman, he wants to form a bond with all of his teammates so they can have the same team chemistry as they did in previous years.

“We want to form a bond with all the teammates since we have a lot of new players and a ton of the seniors are leaving,” Krasavage said.

According to Krasavage, being one of the leaders he wants to hang out with the he team on and off the ice as much as possible.

“Tyler has improved since his freshman season into becoming a role player and a leader for his senior season,” Steve Sarauer, Hockey Coach, said. “Tyler will be relied upon heavily in critical times and will need to step up if we want to have a successful 2016-17 Season.”

In the new season, Krasavage is excited to have Wauconda join the joint team of Lake Zurich and Mundelein high school team.

“I feel really positive about the new people joining the team this year,” Krasavage said. “Like last year they were a huge impact and it’s really nice to have many schools combined. As long as they can adapt to our style, I think everything will turn out fine.”

According to Coach Sarauer, “Tyler has improved both in individual skill and his team skills, such as the ability to understand team concepts and apply them to his game.”