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Mystery in the mansion

LZHS theatre presents Clue as spring play
Photo by and used with the permission of LZHS Theatre
LZHS is proud to present Clue as the spring play. The show is going to be performed on February 9th at 7p.m. and February 10th at 2p.m. and 7p.m.

Coming from your living room to the stage, the beloved Clue board game comes alive in an exciting and humorous play. Immerse yourself into the world of Clue as you experience an enticing evening of mystery and murder. One night, six wealthy-class citizens are all invited to the Boddy mansion for a dinner party; however, havoc breaks loose when the guests start to go missing one by one, and murder ensues. 

Jack Rough, junior, who plays Mr. Green, a suspect of the murder, states “the play version of Clue is a fast paced murder-mystery [and] comedy. If you have seen the movie, the play is very similar but there are a few twists unique to the stage version.” Capturing the audience’s attention with a thrilling mystery and providing comedic relief, Clue is the perfect show to watch if you are looking for some entertainment.

I’m very excited to see the whole play come together and to be out on the stage. There’s a lot of energy on a live stage, and it’s really exciting to be in it,Connor Larsen, freshman, who plays Colonel Mustard, said. “The people you meet are all very nice and fun to act with. This, combined with the lighthearted sense of the play, leads to hilarious practices and a great time overall.

The actors and actresses have been working hard for about three hours every day since Thanksgiving break in order to make the play unforgettable; however, according to Melodi Magluyan, senior, the atmosphere of the cast and rehearsals make the long practices worth it.

I love being in a show with such a small cast. We have become so close through this process, and it just makes rehearsals such a comfortable and fun environment,” Magluyan, who plays Miss. Scarlett, said. “Seeing everyone make fun choices with their characters every rehearsal never fails to make me laugh.

The stage is the perfect place to showcase such a memorable play, but also to celebrate Clue’s 75th anniversary. In 1949, when the Clue board game was first released, it was created as a way to pass time during the air raids during WWII according to History. Now, the game and show continues to entertain audiences both inside and outside of their homes.

[Clue offers] a nice break from the stress of daily life. It does not have a profound message about the world or a lesson to teach the audience, and it will not leave you sad like some shows will,” Rough said. “It is just 90 minutes of fun and adrenaline, and anyone can enjoy it.

For tickets, open this link!

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