Descending into the school musical

LZHS puts on Descendants as school musical


Photo by and used with the permission of LZHSTheatre

Tickets and showtimes shown in the flyer as well as place for the performance (LZHS PAC).

Lindsey Bitzer, Sports Editor

Step into the world of Descendants where both good and evil come together to unite two worlds once and for all. The show will be performed in the LZHS PAC on Feb. 9th and 10th at 7pm, and Feb. 11th at 2pm and 7pm. The Descendants musical showcases a story about accepting everyone for who they are and bringing people together despite their differences. 

The once crowned king—Ben, son of Belle and the Beast and played by Matthew Angelaccio, junior—works to ignite change in his kingdom by bringing together his people with the villains. Mal, daughter of Maleficent and played by Melodi Magluyan, junior, is one of the villain kids invited to Ben’s kingdom. From teaching kids about embracing themselves and standing up for what they believe in, to learning about struggles such as fitting in and living up to parents expectations, Descendants is a show which many can relate to.

According to Magluyan, The show embraces a message that is “uplifting in a time when we, as a society, need it most.”

“The story has many serious moments about inclusivity and identity, while also bringing upbeat music numbers and many laughs to teach the lesson that we really are better together,” Angelaccio said.

Not only does the show encompass an “uplifting message,” it also displays months of hard work which the cast and crew went through. Much like the original Disney Channel movie, LZHS’s Descendants consists of many upbeat musical numbers and comedic scenes that will have you laughing and smiling.

“This show, along with its amazing musical numbers, unified the company. Being on the stage [is] more fulfilling knowing that the hard work we put into the show paid off and we did it together,” Magluyan said.

To get tickets, click on this link.