Keeping warm during the winter

Student Council to host sock gift exchange


Photo by Parker Carley

Poster made by Student Council to promote the dates of the sock gift exchange.

To help students and staff warm up this winter, Student Council is hosting a fun and fuzzy sock gift exchange that is sure to knock your socks off! 

During all lunch periods or office hours on Thursday, January 20 and Friday, January 21, students and staff can drop off a pair of fuzzy socks with a Student Council representative. Additionally, on Wednesday, Jan 26 and Thursday, Jan 27 those who participated in the exchange will earn their own pair of socks. 

“[Student Council] will wrap the socks and those who participated will grab a new package and receive a pair of socks someone else brought in,” Sydney Fessenden, senior and secretary of Student Council, said. 

The socks can have any pattern or design on them, as long as they are school appropriate. 

Student Council “likes to have events during the school year to boost school spirit and give students fun opportunities, which is the goal of the fun and fuzzy sock gift exchange,” Fessenden said. 

Although this is the first time Student Council is running this event, the club is “anticipating that a good handful of students and staff will hopefully participate,” Fessenden said. 

Student at LZHS, Justina Goolsby, junior, says “[she is] excited for the event, and I will be participating for sure.”

I think this is a good event because it brings people together and unites the students and staff at LZHS

— Justina Goolsby


Bring a pair and get a pair of socks to warm up during the rest of the winter months!