In person, online, and blended courses to be held over the summer


Photo by and used with the permission of LZHS.

Information on courses can be found in the handbook, and registration will end June 1st.

Sophia Babcock, Staff Writer

This summer the school is offering online, in-person, and blended course options to accommodate students who plan on taking a summer course. 

“We want to provide opportunities for students that we think they’re going to want to take. This whole program is designed around what students want to take and how they want to engage in coursework, so we’re trying to provide opportunities for that,” Ashley Weltler, Assistant Principal for Academics, Assessment, & Innovation, said.

Summer school is an opportunity for students to get ahead with their education and makeup courses that they were not able to take during the school year. Students can also take summer school to learn more about a subject they are interested in, but “it depends and is individual per student,” Weltler said.

“[Lake Zurich has] a balance between blended course offerings here, [in-person], and online. We’re noticing [this year] that more students would like to take an online class, which is why we have more online offerings this summer,” Weltler said. “So we’re running courses as we normally would, according to enrollment and interest.”

This year online courses will be run as they have in the past, according to Weltler. Most of the courses will be self-paced, and students will be able to learn from videos or notes provided. 

“Some teachers have created office hours where some will be in the building, like if students who are still taking an online class wanted to come in and meet with the teacher, they’d have that opportunity to do so. Others will remain completely online but will set up zoom office hours too,” Weltler said. “It really depends on the course, and the structure of the course is defined by the teacher, which will all be communicated to the students at the beginning of the course.”

As for blended learning, those courses will include “face to face instruction [combined with] an online or a flexible learning environment,” Weltler said. Students enrolled in blending learning courses will be in person from 8 to 11 AM, and then will be able to complete the last two hours on their own at school or from home.

“Last year, in the pandemic, obviously everything was online, so we’re excited to get back to offering some in-person learning,” Weltler said.

Fully in-person classes will be held at the high school with smaller class sizes, but will be run normally as they have been in the past, Weltler said. If students are still interested in taking a course, they have until June 1 to enroll on home access.

 More information can be found on the district website.